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Top 5 Potential Moonshots (Opinion)

Vitalik Buterin might think that the the days of 1,000 times the returns are over, but the cryptic community is hoping differently. True, the access barrier is now much higher and the $ 30 bitcoin time has long since passed. The floor is getting taller, but the ceiling is apart …

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The main reports of the time column of the American magazine on the potential liberation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has considerable liberating potential, the American newspaper Time reports on December 28th. The aforementioned article states that "speculation, fraud and greed in the cryptocurrency and in the blockchain industry have overshadowed the real and liberating potential of Satoshi Nakamoto's invention". According to the author of the article, Bitcoin …

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Three potential blockchain applications in the energy sector

Blockchain is becoming more and more to industries around the globe. Within the energy sector. Even though industry experts believe full-scale adoption may be time, that is not to say there are no blockchain applications in the energy sector. Blockchain technology has a large range of uses. Blockchain has impacted …

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