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“Four More Years”: The Parallel World of Trump Supporters – WELT

“Four more years”: the parallel world of Trump supportersWORLD Court case: Trump calls for a new vote in Georgiatagesschau.de Donald Trump after the US elections: his power is shrinking, shrinking more and moret-online.de United States Congress Against Troop Withdrawal: A Touch of Democratic-Republican CooperationDaily mirror “This is where the boom …

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“Four more years”: the parallel world of Trump supporters

“We want America. We want America back, ”says Lisa Peterson. The middle-aged lady wears a red costume and a “Team Trump” button is decorated on the right lapel. And she is quite sure of the political future of the United States. Donald Trump will remain president, Peterson says in a …

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Corona Crisis: Trump leads US into chaos

Iagain and again Mary Turner is close to tears, her voice breaks. “I apologize for being so emotional,” said the president of the Nurses United Nurses Union in Minnesota. Turner has been working overnight in an intensive care unit for Covid patients since February. On Wednesday he will take part …

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