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Bitcoin payments are not dead, they just made a niche

When Frank and Nikki McKeever founded their small art dealer in Florida in 2012, they never imagined that cryptocurrency would become an integral part of their business. In September 2017 – a period when cryptocurrency prices are rising and advertising – the Lynx Art Collection started offering encrypted themed works …

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Blockchain Enterprise struggles to carve out a niche

<div _ngcontent-c16 = "" innerhtml = " The" revolutionary "changes the promise of the decentralized world without permission Blockchain solutions (including most cryptocurrencies) may have descended into a quagmire of schemes, scams and organized crime activities, but the blockchain as a whole is not dead yet. What remains above the …

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High potential in a niche sector

Leads: saturated and monopolized by the main actors, industries such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics and mobile payments, to name a few, represent a high risk for new investors. Many people today are trying to put their money in the next big thing that we "hope" will give them …

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