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The Infura hard fork causes debate on the update mechanism

[ad_2][ad_1] Source: Wit Olszewski – Shutterstock Ethereum Core developers have decided to improve the update release mechanism. The Optimistic Ethereum team caused Infura to fail by triggering a critical sync bug on the Geth client. On November 11, an “unannounced hard fork” on Ethereum impacted the operation of Infura and …

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Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Fuels Ripple PoW Debate

[ad_1] On 5 January 2019, Ethereum Classic (ETC) fell victim to a 51% attack. In the beginning, the attack went unnoticed for over 24 hours until the Coinbase engineers noticed that 88,500 ETCs (about $ 450,000) were falsely deposited on the Okex crypt exchange. On 1/5/2019, Coinbase noted a deep …

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