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Blending light and sound: mapping underwater from above?

According to a recent study published in the journal, Stanford University engineers have created an aerial method for imaging objects that lie deep underwater, mixing light and sound to penetrate the stubborn interference barrier on the surface of the water. IEEE access. In essence, we may be approaching the time …

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XRP / USD a barrier away from the explosive move

Ripple's XRP traded broadly on Tuesday, within a narrow range, via the newspaper. The XRP / USD bulls must eliminate the short-term resistance $ 0.3400 to 0.3500 for out-of-reach explosive movements. 15-minute XRP / USD chart Price extended upwards by a flag / wedge model, subject to further movements towards …

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H & S, the barrier and the life line

LTC concludes the year with some key formations. The new year would be interesting for crypts and bears. Litecoin is ending the year at a level where the H & S model is forming over a period of time, there are key support areas on another time frame and resistance …

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