T.OS Block (TOS Coin): Blockchain Cryptocurrency Payment System?

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T.OS: The Perfect Crypto for a new payment system

The principle behind T.OS is the creation of a commercial payment system that uses the digital currency This will be the first of such systems in the history of the world The developers of T.OS have delayed the release of their whitepaper because of problems related to patents. fear that it has been stolen.

However, after successfully registering the patent, they have now made the white paper public.The product is ready and everything that the T.OS token has purchased can use the platform. , you need to visit the project website and download the app. Right now, a good way to get T.OS token is for mine. You can also buy tokens in an exchange.

Why T. OS Issues

There have been many cryptographic coins created in recent years, but most of those coins have not ffered any practical solution for use by the mass for trade. The result is that most of the currencies derive their value from pure speculation.

Fortunately, the creators of T.OS predicted this problem and went to work to create a remedy. They invented a new, safer, faster and smarter currency. This makes it the perfect currency for payments. The vision is to replace the currency with existing payment methods such as credit / debit cards and all existing payment systems.

The Current Issues

In the existing payment market, most digital currencies are not accepted as a payment method. One of the main problems with these coins is that their price is always fluctuating. Beyond that, it takes a long time to approve a single transaction.

In the T.OS payment system the T.OSp, a private currency, will be used to fix the value of the payment unit. T.OSp can not be traded. T.OSp holders can exchange these private coins with T.OS coins. This can be reversed when the need arises. Private money is better for payments because its processing speed is fast. It means that the T.OS payment system is the best payment of digital money, which is in line with market forces.

About T.OS Coin

T.OS was created as an alternative currency that uses the scrypt algorithm. A block emerges every minute and each block can contain 420 transactions. A huge amount of coins has been created. The coins T.OS have a limit of 6 billion coins. This is bigger than the Bitcoin of a huge margin.

There is also a higher limit on lower case coins than T.OS because there is a considerable amount of money to spend on developing and managing the platform.

T.OS Block Conclusion

One of the main projects of T.OS is how fast it is. The T.OS has a transaction speed 10 times higher than that of Bitcoin. In short, the T.OS currency is explicitly designed as a means of payment for transactions in real time. Thus, the T.OS currency is clearly the future of payment solutions. This coin will help with the mass adoption of the crypt.

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