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Swiss diplomats are so luxurious – Switzerland

Switzerland offers luxury residences abroad for its diplomats. The Department of Foreign Affairs pays 1.2 million francs a month for the buildings of the rented embassies, consulates and residences, according to the SonntagsZeitung.

By far the most expensive is the rental property in San Francisco for almost 90,000 francs a month in the trendy "Pier 17" overlooking the Bay Bridge. Costs for the expansion of the previous warehouse of 9.3 million francs are rented.

Be taken seriously, cost

According to the report, monthly rents for consulates in Hong Kong (51,000 francs) and Shanghai (44,053) and the embassy in Seoul (49,500) are also intended for money. For its main diplomats, the federal government rents houses in 45 cities.

"You would not understand if Switzerland, one of the world's major economies, would serve its guests in wooden barracks," says Jacques Pitteloud, director of resources at the Department of Foreign Affairs. If Switzerland is to be taken seriously in the world, it must be able to offer appropriate receptions. (Amc / SDA)

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