Las Vegas, November 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Surge Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SURG), today announced that Surge Blockchain, a wholly owned subsidiary of software and technology, has completed the development of the Surge ERC-20 utility. Tokens and has made free tokens available to all those who register on before the December 15 launch.

The Surge Token is an ERC20-compliant asset blockchain asset that can be valuable, stored in a portfolio, used for transactions and can be sent and received, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any other digital asset.

"The technology we have developed is dice soup, from the issue of reward tokens to redemption requests for the transmission of our ERC-20 token to Ethereum." He declared Chief Technology Officer, John Mott.

Tokens will be earned through the purchase of Surge products and services or through incentive activities such as automatic salary deposits to the SurgePays Debit Card or the payment of certain special SurgePhone Wireless offers. Tokens can be redeemed for prizes and / or stored in digital wallets.

The difference between the Surge Tokens and the autonomous currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin is that the Surge Token will move on the Ethereum network, hosted by the Ethereum addresses and sent using Ethereum transactions from an intelligent contract.

Surge Holdings Inc. CEO Brian Cox said, "The underlying principle of Surge's business model is to generate revenue by bringing products and services to those who might otherwise not have access to them, which fits perfectly into our plan. global strategy for customer loyalty, improving the Surge ecosystem and the overall assessment of the company ".

Cox further stated: "Using the Token Surge Utility for loyalty rewards, we will allow 51% of the subprime market to participate in Digital Assets, the future."

In addition, the software system has been designed as a white token / premium system so that Surge can offer this technology and software to other companies looking for a turnkey ERC-20 token solution.

The Token reward system of the Surge Utility is scheduled for launch on December 15, 2018.

Prizes will be reimbursed on


Surge Holdings Inc. is a rapidly growing listed company with holdings in subsidiaries that use emerging technologies to deliver high-growth, recurring revenue products and services. The Surge Holdings Inc. team intends to become the country's leading technology products provider for the poor, under-the-table and undervalued by selling through its SurgePays network of convenient stores and through online digital marketing.

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