Secure Blockchain Infrastructure is the base for accelerated expansion of FinTech's retail network locations and growth.

Las Vegas, November 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Surge Blockchain, the wholly owned subsidiary of Surge Holdings, Inc. (Surge) (OTCQB: SURG) announced on December 15th the launch of the significantly updated SurgePays FinTech software and portal platform.

Surge Holdings CEO Brian Cox said, "This infrastructure development and milestone will allow us to keep up with our share of the agreements we have made for store acquisitions and network growth over the next 12 months. even more significant if we consider that our team has been able to achieve these long-term goals based on shareholder value, while publishing third-quarter revenue of $ 4,051,027 ".

Salient aspects of SurgePays 2.0:

  • Surge has completed the development of a fully electronic and secure onboarding software that replaces long document management. The SurgeSetup software facilitates the compilation and processing of multiple license, contract, banking and tax modules, which allows the same day of registration in the store to be started. This is a critical step for onboarding multiple stores a day to support growth explosions and eliminate processing or data management bottlenecks during store enrollments.
  • Stores that have a computer connected to the Internet in the registry will be able to use the new image-driven navigation portal. In addition to all traditional wireless and FinTech products, store owners will now be able to use a simple and simple one-click order from several wholesale categories including smartphones, electronics, snacks, CBD products, auto parts , t-shirt and More. Shops can also choose the monthly self-shipment by taking advantage of the special flashes.
  • Stores that do not have a computer in the registry will be able to process SurgePays 2.0 transactions on the latest and most robust Verifone VX 520. This new terminal is more than 35% less expensive per unit, ensuring faster transactions, market-leading security, PCI compliance and SurgePays' ability to also offer credit card processing to merchants on the same unit.

Cox added: "The progress of our operations and development team continues to demonstrate Surge's strategy to expand business sectors while leveraging existing infrastructure and human capital, and the successes also reflect the significant investment in foundation to position the company in multiple revenue growth streams accelerated in 2019. "

The Live SurgePays 2.0 beta test started on November 25th and fits into the release period of December 15th.

An updated complete guide has been released for the shareholders of Surge Holdings Inc., available on the corporate website www.surgeholdings.com

Be sure to follow Brian Cox's CEO on Twitter for thoughts, insight and progress not just on the short-term priority goals in this update, but also relevant and relevant news for Surge: @kbriancox.

Surge Holdings is a publicly traded company that owns subsidiaries that use emerging technologies to improve the quality of life for embalmers, underpants and neglected people. Current holdings include Telecommunications, Software Blockchain Fintech as a Service (SaaS), Cryptocurrency Asset Mining and Digital Social Media Marketing. Surge Holdings, Inc is traded under the stock exchange symbol: SURG.

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