Sunstock, Inc. (SSOK) Contracts with Flashmoni for assistance on $ 10M and ICO Capital Raises


SACRAMENTO, CA, 12 December 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sunstock, Inc. (SSOK: OTCMARKETS) announces the acquisition of Flashmoni for assistance on a capital increase of $ 10,000,000.

Flashmoni offers strategic and operational leadership and fundraising opportunities for ICO (Initial Coin Offering). SSOK management believes that Flashmoni's expertise can help the Company's ICO capital raising objectives.

Sunstock anticipates the success of a $ 10 million capital increase using the Company's "Triple 8" ICO funds, a cybercurrency backed with precious metals. The "Triple 8" blockchain technology introduces a monetary system that is valid, transparent and responsible. A "Triple 8" token equals one gram of each precious metal or combination of precious metals.

Management believes that Flashmoni through its extensive national and international contacts can help SSOK reach $ 10 million in a combination of Fiat, BTC-Bitcoin and ETH-Ethrium cryptos dollars.

The ICO "Triple 8" allows to promote the tokenisation of precious metals in a blockchain. The launch of "Triple 8" as a patrimonial cryptocurrency, linked to gold, silver and platinum bullion provides a real value, not seen after the loss of the US dollar gold standard.

SSOK expects that certain percentages of money will be increased to advance further developments of its innovative technologies, such as "IoT Smart Vault" for storing resources, RFID tags, smart cameras and smart scales. These devices can track the logistics in the blockchain in real time, creating verifiable sources of supply and authenticity.

The direction of SSOK will provide updated information accordingly on its outstanding "ICO 8" and the capital increase target, $ 10 million.

For more information on this release contact, Mr. Jason Chang, CEO, n. 916-860-9622 and e-mail: [email protected],

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