Summer house of the stars: the fraud is exposed!


The current season from “Summer house of the stars” it could also be called “The Mobbinghaus der Stars”.

The summer residence of the Stars group watching TV

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Again and again at the center of annoying intrigues and controversies: Former Bachelor’s finalist Eva Benetatou. Often the hostilities of Andrej Mangold, Annemarie Eilfeld, Lisha and associates were so serious that little Eva burst into tears.

Lisha Somemrhaus der Stars Stars

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Summer house of the stars: Diana Herold comforts Eve

But no matter how serious the bullying attacks were and how much everyone else conspired against Eva: a resident has always been by her side. Namely former Bullyparade star Diana Herold. He comforted Eve at all times and defended her with all his might. You might think that Eve would do everything in her power to give something back as a sign of gratitude to her new and good friend.

Summer house Caro and Lisha watching TV

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The Summer House of the Stars: Eve’s Ugly Lie

Sommerhaus Eva Benetatou
Eva cheated on Diana in a nasty way Photo: TVNOW

But far from it! Because, as Youtuber Lisha now recounts in Oliver Pocher’s podcast, Eva was anything but friendly in the house, unlike Diana. As a result, Eva hid the remaining cigarettes available in the house so that she could smoke them herself and not have to share them with her friend Diana. Even when Diana’s cravings got so big that she searched for cigarettes in the trash, Eva took no mercy and stayed true to her line. Is this how you treat the people who support you when everyone else is against you?

We think: this action of Eve was selfish and totally wrong!

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