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Stuttgart Stock Exchange to list Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum on the upcoming Crypto Trading platform

The App Bison developed by Sowa Labs, a subsidiary owned by Förstech of Börse Stuttgart, the second largest German exchange announced the intention to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform with initial support for Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin. Make the announcement in a to send on his official Twitter account, Bison App revealed that the new service will enter its beta testing phase exclusively in January 2019 in what will be a significant move for a platform owned by the ninth European stock exchange.

The translated tweet says:

Start boarding! 🚀 From now on we start the BISON Beta phase with people on the VIP list – in January we also welcome BISONews subscribers. More information on: http://www.bisonapp.de. At the end of January 2019, we plan to publish the BISON app in the German app stores. #beta #app

Game Changer for Crypto Trading in Europe?

In April, CCN reported that Sowa Labs revealed that the Bison app was developed to compete with Robinhood by providing users with free transactions. At the time, he was described by Sowa Labs CEO Ulli Spankowski as "the world's first encryption app to be supported by a traditional exchange". At that time, the release date for the app was set for a few months in September, but a number of delays meant that this was postponed to 2019.

Confirming the information provided at the beginning of the year regarding the cryptographic resources that will initially be supported, the app Bison has published:

The English translation says:

Yes, let's start with @BTC @ETH, #LTC and #XRP 🙂 other cryptocurrencies are then included step by step.

According to the information previously provided, the platform will offer users a simplified ID verification as part of a series of design and UX solutions designed to create the most homogeneous experience possible. According to Spankowski, users of the Bison app can expect to complete the onboarding KYC process in a matter of minutes compared to days when other platforms are normally used.

Users will also be applying a new "Cryptoradar" tool that provides users with a real-time market sentiment by aggregating and analyzing more than 250,000 tweets to assess the mood and appetite of investors on the market. After the January launch, the service will be extended to various user groups.

Previously, CCN has reported that the German central bank and Deutsche Boerse have completed a block transaction process while the fourth world economy continues to explore the adoption of blockchain with a level of enthusiasm that has often not been matched by other important global economies.

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