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Stunt off Bahamas: Ami jumps from the cruise ship

A video is causing a stir: Nick Naydev (27) jumps drunk from the gigantic cruise ship Symphony of the Seas – 30 meters deep! This had consequences.

He smiles at the camera, then jumps Nick Naydev (27) off the Bahamas 30 meters deep – from the 11th floor of the Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world.

The fall lasts four seconds, then the hook hits the surface of the water. And his friends celebrate the blessing of death. Then the twenty-seven is fished in the sea with a small boat.

I just jumped

The jump was literally a crazy idea. After that, Naydev replied on his Instagram channel. He woke up drunk from last night and saw his friends photograph the island of Nassau.

"I went out and asked," Hey, and if I jumped out of this ship? "The 27-year-old says in the video, and then he just did it.

«Lucky that I am still alive»

Only when he is sober, he realizes that he has risked his life. "I had severe pain in my back and neck, I could barely walk for three days." And regrets the jump: "I'm lucky that I'm still alive."

Not just for the 30-meter jump. Because, as Naydev later discovered, the water is full of sharks. The locals do not dare to swim in this area.

Prohibition of all life

By the way, the cruise was over for him and his friends after the jump. Before the Symphony of the Seas continued, the Chaos troop was left behind in the Caribbean.

And not only that: Naydev and his friends have obtained a permanent cruise ban for all Royal Caribbean races. (JMH)

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