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Studio says that quitting social networks does not guarantee privacy

the the research group of the universities of Vermont (United States) and Adelaide (Australia) focused on thirty million public publications made by 13,905 users of the social network Twitter and concluded that if a person ceases to be active, publications and The words of his friends allow you to predict the future activities of that person with 95% accuracy, even if they allow them to publish whatever they are.

The team leader, the mathematician James Bagrow, says that when you enter a social network, if you think he is giving only personal information, but what happens is that "he also gives friends" to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social networks network.

One of the conclusions to be drawn is that companies, governments or other people can draw a strict profile of a person, including political party, products or religion preferred only by information collected among friends, even if that person leaves social networks or never he entered

"We can not hide in a social network," said researcher Lewis Mitchell, co-author of the study published today in the scientific journal Nature Human Behavior.

"Alone alone, a person does not control their privacy on social networks," said James Bagrow, noting that "their friends have something to say".

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