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Student (13) disappeared – desperate parents: "Luciana, get in touch!" – Bremen

Bremen – The parents are sitting in the living room on the sofa, the mother holds a wanted poster. At each sound of the road, they startle: could they be their daughter?

From Thursday Teresa and Kai Behrens of Bremen-Osterholz cross the hell. Your child has disappeared without a trace. Luciana (13) left that morning at 7.30 for the Albert Einstein school, which is about 1.5 km away.

But Luciana did not come to class. There has been no sign of life since she left home. And at every hour the fear grows that something may have happened to Luciana.

Every day in Germany more than 150 missing children are reported, but most of them reappear after a few hours.

Again and again the mother writes WhatsApp messages to Luciana, try also to contact her via Facebook. Without success "We continue to look out the window all the time, hoping that the door of a car closes or that the door sounds". So far, however, the bell has remained silent.

Now the citizens of Bremen have also been active, which influences the fate of the Behrens family. The neighbors and friends distribute hundreds of profiles of the missing girl on the street, in cafes and bakeries.

The great sympathy touches Teresa Behrens. Even if he finds it difficult, he goes out and thanks the volunteers. "I do not want anything else but to hear from my daughter that she is fine – and to be able to hold her in his arms".

There are first indications of Luciana's disappearance to the Bremen police. "But we can not say more precisely at the moment," says spokesman Tarik Gogic.

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