strengthen Joe Biden’s security


Therefore, the number of agents around Joe Biden will increase, the Washington Post reported Friday, as the Democratic candidate for the White House appeared to be closer to victory in the US election.

The Secret Service will strengthen its staff in Wilmington, Delaware, after Biden’s campaign team told the federal agency that will be held at the Wilmington Convention Center, the city where your candidate livesand that he could give an important speech this Friday.

The federal agency protected Biden when he was vice president, and since last March, according to CNN, when he won his party’s presidential primary.

This protection is common for White House candidates. It’s not as impressive as the device that works for the president himself, but it becomes similar if the candidate wins the election and becomes the “elected president”, until his inauguration on January 20.

The decision was made amid uncertainty over the results of the presidential election, which continued to keep the US in suspense this Friday, barring the tally in five key states where the vote gap is very narrow to declare a winner.

Biden currently has between 253 and 264 votes – due to uncertain results in Arizona, with 11 electoral votes – and Republican President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term, has 214.

Alaska’s three electoral votes have yet to be cast, but no Democrat has won in this state in decades, and there is little doubt about the outcome in Trump’s favor. Here’s how things stand in the five key states:


In this state on the border with Mexico, 11 electoral votes are at stake.

Biden led the count with 50.1 percent of the vote versus Trump’s 48.5 percent, by a margin of 47,000 votes, with 90 percent of the votes counted.

Fox News and the US news agency The Associated Press (AP) attributed the victory to the Democrat on Tuesday night, estimating it was impossible for Trump to catch up.

But other media outlets like The New York Times and CNN have preferred to wait to finalize a winner in this traditionally voting Republican state.


In Georgia, 16 electoral votes are at stake.

98% of the vote was counted in this southeastern state which has voted Republican since 1996.

Trump’s advance has continued to decline since Tuesday and Biden stepped forward Thursday night. The Democrat has 1,096 more votes than Trump, tying them at 49.4% each.


Nevada (west) contributes 6 electoral votes.

89% of the vote has already been counted in this desert state that elected Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Biden currently leads with 49.4% of the vote against Trump’s 48.5%, which represents a difference of less than 11,500 votes.


In Pennsylvania, with 20 electoral votes, 95% of the ballots were counted.

The two candidates waged a ferocious campaign in this industrial state located in the so-called “rust belt” area in the north-east of the country.

Trump started Tuesday night with a comfortable lead that narrowed as mail-order votes are counted, although he remains ahead of Biden by around 18,000 votes (49.5% and 49.2%, respectively).

The likely dominance of Democratic votes over sent and uncounted votes will likely skew the outcome in favor of Democrat, according to US media.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, a traditionally republican state in the Southeast, 95% of the votes have been counted and 15 electoral votes are at stake.

Trump currently has the lead with 50.0% against Biden’s 48.6%, which represents a margin of approximately 77,000 votes.

But here, mail-order votes sent by election day – Tuesday, November 3 – are accepted if they arrive within the next nine days.


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