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Storm (STORM): Offering financial freedom to freelancers – Today & # 39; s Gazette

Storm (STORM) – A lot of people go these days largely due to the shortage of jobs or the increasing pressure on others to financially support their families. Most of the freelance market platforms connect many people. But they often do this by exploiting the sellers, some take commissions that reach up to 30% of the sellers 'earnings from the sellers' earnings.

This is where Storm Market comes into play. They ensure that sellers get almost exactly their actual income, deducting a minute Charge of only 1% of their earnings, and then sending pay-outs in the form of Cryptocurrencies.

Storm (STORM): explain a unique opportunity

The storm market is simply a decentralized market for its participants (storm producers). These participants include companies, sellers and advertisers seeking to obtain freelance services in order to complete various activities. Participants also include those called Storm players. These include spectators, freelancers and other consumers who help in carrying out their activities.

In return for storm managers to perform tasks, storm players are rewarded with bolts on the platform. These bolts are redeemable for Storm tokens (STORM) and can be exchanged and sold in other cryptocurrencies.

Storm (STORM): features and advantages

One of the objectives of the platform is to eliminate the friction between buyers and sellers with intermediaries in absentia. They also aim to remove the costs and risks involved in resolving disputes by simply applying the rules and regulations within smart contracts.

Storm (STORM) offers both Storm and Storm Makers players the opportunity to reach a large audience. Thus, helping to improve the efficiency of their businesses and also to give freelancers more revenue opportunities. Transaction costs are also greatly reduced when compared to other traditional micro-business platforms.

Storm (STORM): give a look to the token

The official Cryptocurrency of the Storm Market is the Storm Marker, also known as STORM. The activities can be published on the platform with the use of these tokens. Tokens are ERC20 tokens and as such are implemented as smart tokens using the Bancor protocol. The implication of whether it is an ERC20 token is that it enables its compatibility with all other Cryptocurrency wallets with ERC20 tokens.

They can be stored in both hardware portfolios such as Trezor or The Ledger and software portfolios such as Metamask, Mist, MyEtherWallet, Parity etc.

: Where to buy

Since its rebranding, Storm Market has been listed on some exchanges. Tokens can be purchased with the use of Fiat and other cryptocurrencies like Ethers and Bitcoin. The token is also traded on exchanges like; Coinrail, IDEX, Bancor, YoBit, ForkDelta, Coinnest and HitBTC.

The sale of the token started on 7th of November and ended the & # 8; 8th December 2017. StormX was then able to raise $ 32 million (64,321 ETH) from the sale of the token. Later it was announced that all unsold tokens will be launched.

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