Stories coming to Spotify soon

OR Spotify has copied other applications and is preparing to make famous Stories. However, this format for now only exists in the form of experience and in some playlists (for now). It is available for iOS is Android.

The story format that Spotify uses here exists in practically all social applications. It started with Snapchat which ended up democratizing this system that allows you to post short photos and videos. Their duration is 24 hours, before they disappear automatically. This system has already been adopted by Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and more recently by Twitter. The social network speaks of “fleets”, but it is exactly the same.

In the case of Spotify, the stories feature artists talking about music. For the Christmas song playlist, for example, several singers say what their favorite track is. We can see that Spotify has made arrangements with some of them to have their testimonials on video. We might be surprised to see that it is not possible to hear the music mentioned by the artists.

Spotify Stories

Spotify makes its own stories available

“At Spotify, we regularly run a series of tests to improve our user experience,” explains the service. “Some of these tests end up paving the way for a broader user experience and others serve only as important learning. At the moment we have no other news to share about our future projects ”.

Waiting for more, here’s what the stories are like:

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