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Stopping to find Julen in Spain

Two parallel trees should have been salvation for Julen (2). But now a slate boulder prevents the hole.

Julen (2) is stuck in a well since Sunday. If he still lives it is uncertain. Rescue teams want to save the child with two parallel tunnels and a platform.

But now there's bad news again. There are complications in the preparation of the drilling, said the engineer Angel García Vidal on Friday to journalists.

His team came across a "stone boulder" made of slate, which further delayed the work.

According to Vidal, the drilling was scheduled for Saturday night, with aid, machines and two exercises ready. The ground around the hole should be removed for 30 meters and then created a platform. From there, two tunnels must be drilled parallel to the well and stabilized with iron pipes. At a depth of 107 meters, miners must dig the path three or four meters long to Julen.

In "favorable conditions", drilling could be completed within 15 hours. "You can be sure we'll reach Julen," the engineer said.

Race against time

The two-year-old Julen, according to his father José Roselló, fell into the ditch near the Andalusian municipality of Totalán on Sunday while his parents had a picnic nearby. The 107-meter-deep exploration shaft with a diameter of only 25 centimeters had been punctured in the search for water in December, according to local media reports. As a result, the hole has not been fixed.

With a large contingent, the forces tried in a dramatic race against the clock to find the boy and recover. Scree and earth, which Julen had apparently torn in his fall, block the hole at a depth of about 70 meters, and is too narrow for the rescue forces. Saturday should also rain, the hope of finding the boy alive, disappears every day. (SDA / man)

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