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Stellar (XLM) ready to see huge gains next year, here are the reasons why


Have you seen the Stellar Lumen logo (XLM)? It is a rocket directed towards the sky.

It only happens that Stellar Lumens has accumulated a lot of momentum in the last year, so next year we could really see his native token (called XLM) reach the sky and beyond. In this article, we tell you the reasons why.


This is the result of a partnership between Stellar Lumens and Chain, which has already boasted many important partners such as NASDAQ, Citigroup or Visa.

It is the for-profit arm of the Stellar Lumens project and is already working with Chain partners to apply blockchain technology in many different ways, such as intelligent and decentralized information systems and cross-border payments.

The increase of security tokens

Many blockchain projects have been financed through ICOs. This practice could soon disappear because it creates many problems with financial regulations in many countries of the world. The new alternative will be the SCO, which will be based on "security tokens" that already exist and can be disseminated simultaneously. This gives Stellar an important advantage over other tokens.


Not enough about IBM and Stellar. IBM has a great interest in blockchain technology. Currently they are pursuing more than 500 blockchain projects around the planet, and their blockchain of choice is none other than Stellar Lumens.

If that were not enough, one of Stellar's use cases is to eliminate the friction from international transfers between banks, and IBM is already working with about 90% of global banks in one way or another. ;other. This gives Stellar a privileged position when it comes to securing partnerships in the financial world.


Starlight is a channel for instant payments. It is distributed on the Interstellar network and uses XLM as a brokerage currency to settle payments across the border. It's fast, secure and does not charge any transfer fees. It's Ripple's worst nightmare. This service will increase the demand and the utility of the XLM currency which, in turn, will increase its price in exchanges.

Stellar X

It will be a new cryptocurrency that will present several innovations. First of all, it will work on the stellar blockchain, which means it will be 100% decentralized, which is not yet the case for most trading and trading platforms.

Secondly, you will probably adopt XLM as the base currency that will create the demand. But even if XLM is not the base currency for the platform, it will gain a lot of attention which will also create demand.


This is one of the most interesting projects in the cryptosphere and could be published as early as next week (but do not mention it).

This will be an exchange of cryptocurrency created by a partnership between Microsoft, Starbucks and ICE (which is the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange). You do not have much bigger names in the world capitalist economy.

Bakkt will offer different financial services based on different cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin), but its main purpose is to exploit digital resources in the real world. In other words: Starbucks asks you to be able to pay for your bitcoins.

Although this is not an exclusive development of Stellar Lumens, like the others above, it will give the cryptosphere much momentum, credibility and utility, and Stellar will profit from that more than other coins because it already has many proven use cases.

So keep an eye on Stellar Lumens (XLM) next year (and beyond, of course). You could only be surprised.

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