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Stellar News (XLM): Issuer of Malaysian Titles, PinkExc to Move from Ethereum to Stellar Blockchain

Stellar (XLM), Lumen stars

The cryptocurrency really impresses everyone in the blockchain world with its rapidly growing technology. Stellar (XLM) which provides low-cost financial services is really warm to users and to the various exchanges in the world. Exchanges all over the world are adopting XLM very quickly, due to its growing daily demand and different high-level features.

Recently, the Malaysian exchange PinkExc decided to move from the blockbuster of Ethereum to the blockchain technology of Stellar (XLM). PinkExc will soon be replaced by Utilex, which runs on the stellar blockchain. The exchange wants to use stellar blockchain technology because it meets the need for a transaction token of asset value faster, cheaper and more reliable. While Ethereum was unable to meet these requests of the Malay exchange. In the future, we would not be surprised if other companies adopted the stellar blockchain because we can see how efficient XLM technology is. Stellar Lumens on twitter announced this news, saying:

"Malaysian token broadcaster to switch from Ethereum to Stellar." PinkExc currently runs several cashier cashiers in the country and hosts an online exchange.The project used the blockchain to raise funds for expansion, as well as a means of utility for transactions ".

According to PinkExc, Ethereum's blockchain was simple, easy and fast to create an ERC20 token but you still have to program how to program the token to do what you want. ETH had a solid team of developers, but Stellar has evolved much more than Ethereum has been in recent times. According to PinkExc, Stellar offers integrated features that support multi-signature permissions, generate dividends and limit who can hold tokens and more. Above all, Stellar has a decentralized exchange in which any token issued via Stellar can be immediately exchanged without relying on a third-party exchange to list the token. This means that newly issued tokens can be exchanged in a day, which is very fast.

PinkExc has identified some other positive aspects of Stellar (XLM). According to the exchange, Stellar has gained stature. IBM and other major institutions use stellar blockchains for their payments system. Since Malaysia is an Islamic state, they rely heavily on sharia. Therefore, bearing in mind this aspect, PinkExc has adopted Stellar because it also obtains the certification of Sharia conformity in the field of money transfer and tokenisation of resources by the Shariyah Review Bureau, Central Bank of Bahrain. Another big reason for the adoption of Stellar is that it has its own token, Lumen, Lumens (XLM) which is in the top ten of market capitalization. He also has several successful ICOs on his platform.

So, such important aspects of stellar blockchain have impressed the Malaysian exchange, just as many other companies around the world have been impressed by Stellar. So, continue to improve the blockchain company every single day. This continues to push Stellar (XLM) high in the market rankings and just as Ripple's blockchain is heavily supporting XRP (XRP) performance on the market, the same is the case with XLM. The stellar adoption is a key to the increase in XLM and it is expected that in the coming days, Stellar (XLM) will be among the top 3 crypts in the world.

Market overview

At the time of writing this article, Stellar (XLM) traded for $ 0.168 USD with a market cap of just over $ 3 billion. In the last 24 hours, XLM has increased up to 8%, which is positive. XLM is back at 5th placed in the rankings. A few days ago, XLM went through EOS in the charts, but due to the bear market, it fell to 6th locate. But, today, the last day of November 2018 has crossed 5th spot as well. At the moment he ranks 4th on coinmarketcap crossing Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This indicates that it will further increase because, just like XRP, everyone really appreciates its technology.


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