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Stellar Lumens (XLM Coin) is so close to Biggest Next Cryptocurrency Bull Run Gains – XLM News Today – Mon Dec 31

It's so close to seeing the Stellar Bull Run

The last two weeks have been remarkable for Ripple. However, the end of the seven-day series may have led to a minor recession in the overall progress made by the cryptocurrency. XRP is still active and is likely to continue to disconcert.

Keeping in mind the surprise news on Ripple's xRapid platform probably released to start contributing with the banks within the next two months, the advancement of XRP is relatively expected.

But the town always tries to find the next huge race. The value of Ripple seems to have been largely altered by the time the first boom reached. Other cryptocurrencies that could be tied to the value of XRP are the new objective of the mass conjecture, as customers and investors in upwardly encrypted markets try to recover some of their losses.

XLM, or Stellar is the main currency that attracts the interest of speculating analysts in the encrypted space. Stellar is a company that intends to do something mainly parallel to what Ripple wants to do; they are working to create a scalable accounting system to maximize transaction efficiency among the largest banks in the traditional financial arena.

Predictors support a long-standing trend that within the next few weeks, XLM will naturally follow behind its valued participant as evidence that it is likely to practice a parallel race.

Advantage of The Stellar

According to some experts and their analysts in the field of cryptography, Stellar has a strong advantage in marketability compared to Ripple. Considering that Ripple is specifically tailored to work with traditional banks in traditional finance, professionals say Stellar is only suitable for working with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Decentralized Applications (DApps). This dual functionality is one of the main mechanisms of stellar appeal and could be the object to highlight that allows for monetization.

Stellar also tried assertively to get close to Ethereum. Both platforms could be a major advantage for the DApp and ICO conception process, although Stellar claims an impressive list of exclusive services, including low transaction fees, pre-made decentralized exchanges and fixed transaction capabilities.

The vast subjugation of technology is clearly a factor that could push XLM to new levels, while Stellar has clearly a long way to take the place of Ethereum as the favorite among the developers of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Rules and Stellar

Regulation is a major concern for all cryptocurrencies. Stellar seems to have a relatively close grip on vigilance, regulatory efforts by leading bodies in its authority. The Stellar Foundation has kept its intentions relatively straight and out of court, while Ripple has been enforced to avoid the many proceedings brought by angry investors who had lost money by investing in their token.

While this does not necessarily mean that the currency does not have to worry about governing movements in the coming months and years, the non-existence of a clear attack by litigants is a progressive indication for the future of the currency in a legal manner.

Upcoming updates

Moderately often, the Stellar team is also unwise to post updates on its platform. The Stellar Foundation's development team has released information on at least three major updates to be integrated into the long list of features on the network in the last quarter of 2018 onwards.

First of all, the Stellar developers are working to get closer to other criptos on the market with the operation of the state channels. Under a status channel, users are able to execute their transactions without having to do them on the real star blockchain. This is used stereotypically when established expenses are not forms of antiquated transactions.

Stellar is also planning to implement a beta for its new lightning network probably more exciting for blockchain-oriented technology professionals. The Lightning network is a distributed ledger solution that allows much faster and well organized transactions at an advanced volume. The lightning network could easily make stellar blockchain significantly more effective than it already is, of course in theory.

Attractively, the new updates will also contain the live, non-beta version of the Stellar Lightning Network. Considering that many cryptocurrency updates require months or even years in their testing phase before hitting the real network and this is something unexpected.

Bull Run is close

With the whole thing released by the Stellar team, it should not be a coincidence that some predictors predict an enormous race just before the end of this year. Of course it is only a matter of time if XLM actually plans to continue to closely monitor XRP.

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