Stellar Lumens news today: Stellar Development Foundation prepares to launch its decentralized starlight predictions (SDEX) 2019

The SDF (Stellar Development Foundation) is currently in the final phase of preparing the publication of its decentralized trading platform (SDEX). It is said that the exchange takes place next month and have already announced plans to make changes to the main protocol.

The effect of the change

The alteration of this protocol would change the way sales and purchase orders are made on each Stellar-based trading platform such as Stellarterm. Currently, you can create offers of more & # 39 ;, shadows that add up more than the total reserves of the portfolio.

These offers can then vanish, resulting in a possible order manipulation. While users of trading platforms like Binance are able to sell and buy "fakes", these trading platforms require at least the seller or buyer to hold the exact amount of the underlying digital currency, with users that they are not able to sell or bid with more quantity than the contents of their portfolios.

The proposed update

The proposed update would alter the functionality of the stellar protocol and also all the related decentralized trading platforms, in line with the operation of centralized trading platforms. Users will only be able to buy or sell the exact amount that holds their wallet.

By introducing a function known as "liabilities", both incoming and outgoing liabilities would be examined, keeping track of what an account is buying or selling, preventing the handling of this type of order backlog.

Although these changes may seem relatively small, it is an obvious sign from the Stellar Development Foundation about how seriously they are taking the potential liquidity boost that their renewed trading and protocol platform will experience in the coming months.

With the final touches of their updated "professional" trading user interface (UI) just a couple of weeks away from the public eye, and the digital currency (XLM) gets the go-ahead to operate in New York by financial regulators, it seems that this updated protocol and digital currency are preparing for serious industry attention.

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