Stellar Lumens, EOS, Litecoin, Cardan, Tron Price Analysis


Although the bears have absolute control, they seem to be slowly losing steam and in that case, BCH could end up cementing his position in the fourth while EOS slips to fifth after losing six percent on the last day. While EOS is fighting sellers, XLM / USD traders may also end up recording losses if the bulls fail to gather enough momentum to push prices above 20 cents.

Let's take a look at these graphs:

EOS price analysis

EOS / USD price analysis

By slipping 6% on the last day of the process, extending losses to 29% in the last week, EOS returned to fifth thanks largely to the stabilization of BCH prices. With a ceasefire in place and BSV planning to implement replay protection, we expect BCH – the dominant chain – to recover and recover its place in the liquidity table.

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Now, while focusing on numbers, our latest EOS / USD trade plan is valid and we expect further drops in the future that mean traders would have to liquidate their holdings for stable or fiat currencies until EOS prices stabilize or they recover around $ 1.5. The downside, earnings above $ 4 on the back of huge volumes will invalidate this projection just as we have repeated in the previous analysis of EOS / USD prices.

Litecoin price analysis

Analysis of LTC / USD prices

As EOS sells the ground, LTC has risen 6% in the last day and this is exactly what the market wants to see. Obviously, LTC / USD is finding support for $ 30 – our first bear goal and to synchronize with our latest LTC / USD price analysis, we will recommend that you download the currency if there are substantial losses pushing prices below $ 30 where a whole bear bar prints under this level of support.

Until then, we will have to wait and see an approach knowing very well that LTC is down by + 85% compared to the peaks of 2017 and as the directives on the retracement of Fibonacci are direct, a rebound is inevitable. In that case, it will take little time purchases, fading off the facts once there are bulls that close above the 24 November highs at around $ 33, the peaks of this minor consolidation. The first goals will be $ 40 with stops at $ 30.

Price analysis of stellar luminaires

Price analysis XLM / USD

After three months of horizontal price movements with ceilings between 15 cents and 30 cents, bear broke and Stellar Lumens for the first time has been tending to fall below 15 cents for the first time.

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Now, as set out in the previous XLM / USD business plans, traders should look to sell the currency at spot rates because yesterday closed the support former now resistance below the 15 cents.

Our first goal will be 8 cents, but if there is a pop and Lumen stars close above 20 cents, our short-term bear preview will be void.

Price analysis of Tron

Going forward, BitTorrent announced that users can pay for ads using BTC, Binance Coin-BNB and TRX after their integration with CoinPayments is a leading gateway provider for cryptocurrencies and with Tron's ambition to decentralize the Web, their acquisition of BitTorrent has certainly been a step in the right direction.

TRX / USD price analysis

Even with this, the TRX / USD fell 26% in the last week and is slowly gravitating towards the lows of January 2018 days after the collapse below 2 cents and the support trend line in the middle of this month. From the chart, the trend is visible and while the sellers are stationary, pressing the gas pedal, the TRX truce will come only if the bears will slow down allowing a temporary expansion towards 2 cents.

From here, sellers can resume the trend towards our ideal goal. However, at the moment, we recommend the patience to suggest short films once there are net jumps below the 25 November centime of 1 cent. Until then, traders can hold back trading because TRX could rebound to 2 cents.

Price analysis of Cardano

Analysis of ADA / USD prices

Clearly, the ADA / USD is bearish and, unless there is a fall below the 25th low, the odds are that we may temporarily see it recover or accumulate within the November 24-25 lows of 4.4 cent and 3.2 cents in the coming days.

During trading according to our latest Cardano commercial plan, we will only release short films if ADA prices will exceed 4.4 cents of compensation and closure over the resistance marked by November 24th.

This will introduce the first wave of small bulls of the lot that point to 6 cents – our main resistance – the previous level of support. If not and bears adhere to 4.4 cents we could see further downs.

All graphics courtesy of Trading View

Disclaimer: The opinions and opinions expressed are those of the author and are not investment advice. Trading any form involves risks, as well as your due diligence before making a commercial decision.

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