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Statement by the WHO on reports of alleged misconduct

WHO knows of a news published today on allegations of misconduct in the organization.

The allegations were investigated according to the procedures established by the WHO, having been referred to the WHO office of the internal supervision services of the WHO by the general manager, dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The anonymous allegations, which had been disseminated internally, were also openly addressed by dr. Tedros in global meetings with staff in which he stressed that the WHO has zero tolerance for misconduct or discrimination of any kind.

Since the dr. Tedros became general manager in July 2017, defending openness, transparency and diversity. The senior management team at WHO is now one of the most diverse and balanced by gender of any UN agency. All regions of the world are represented and almost two thirds are women. The WHO is constantly working to increase geographical diversity and improve gender balance at all levels as part of its ongoing transformation process.

The WHO has established mechanisms whereby anyone inside or outside the organization can report concerns about any form of suspected misconduct by WHO staff. The WHO has recently strengthened the capacity of its internal control mechanisms and has shown processes to report and face allegations of misconduct.

These include an independent integrity hotline that anyone can use to report concerns confidentially and anonymously. We regularly report the outcome of the substantiated allegations arising from independent investigations to Member States in our reports to governing bodies. All these reports are published on our public website.

The WHO listens to all the feedback so that we can learn and improve and provide the best possible advice and assistance to the countries.

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