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Spot launches Crypto Portfolio Tracker App for syncing with Wallet and exchanges

Spot launches Crypto Portfolio Tracker App for syncing with Wallet and exchanges

A new cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring app called Spot has just been launched. The well-designed app shows your cryptocurrency participations in a clear and colorful way and, in the future, you will be able to manage your cryptographic holdings directly from the app.

You can download Spot for iOS and Android today via the official website at https://spot.so/

The app development team recently raised $ 1.2 million in funds to further expand its capabilities in the near future.

Today, Spot works like a typical app tracker portfolio of cryptocurrencies. However, the co-founder and CEO of the company is careful to distinguish the Spot from dozens of other portfolio monitoring apps.

"Spot's vision is not to build a portfolio tracker," explained Spot co-founder and CEO Edouard Steegmann in an interview with TechCrunch. "We went a little bit at sea with this feature."

"In the end, we want to become the app to manage all your scrambles, a sort of Revolut but with an encrypted DNA".

Another thing that sets Spot apart from other portfolio tracking apps is its ability to add your cryptographic properties simply by sending your public portfolio address. Add your public address and Spot scans your wallet to determine your positions. Your participations are tracked and updated over time.

The addition of a public address also means that Spot allows you to add hardware and encryption portfolios that you store in other sources.

Spot also allows you to connect your exchange accounts using API keys. Today the app supports Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex, with further exchanges planned to be added in the near future.

After connecting all your cryptographic accounts, you will get detailed and detailed charts with your cryptocurrency holdings and how they change over time, including cryptocurrencies that offer better performance than others.

Overall, Spot is well designed as other cryptocurrency apps. The minimalist interface shows the right amount of information without overwhelming users. It's color to emphasize certain price movements – but color is not abused to the point where color becomes meaningless.

Another important difference between Spot and other app with encrypted price is that Spot does not rely on an API to obtain pricing information for each token. The Spot development team built CoinMarketCap from the ground up. Today, Spot stores price information for dozens of tokens in 150 exchanges, allowing Spot to maintain control of its encrypted price delivery system.

You can tap the Spot logo at the top of the app to see the maximum value of your wallet if you've cashed it today at the highest possible prices. This is similar to how other cryptocurrencies tracker applications for portfolios view price information, even if a little more optimistic.

Spot has received the necessary funding to continue growing over time to expand its functionality. The company raised a $ 1.2 million turnover, according to TechCrunch.

The next features to be added to the app include the ability to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies directly to the app. Instead of tracking your cryptocurrencies through an app, selling them in another app and storing them in a third app, Spot wants to allow users to do all three things. Spot users will be able to transfer, receive, purchase, sell and monitor cryptocurrencies from a single interface.

The official website of Spot is available today at https://spot.so/. The app is available to be downloaded today for iOS and Android.

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