Spooky similarity of the brain and the map of the universe


An astrophysicist and neurosurgeon in Italy has noticed frightening similarities between the universe and the brain. Scientists, who mapped the universe and brought it side by side with brain tissue, conducted a study on brain nutrition.

How complex is the human brain and still has dozens of things to learn an unmistakable truth. Likewise, the infinite universe is very complex and full of secrets. But the only similarity between these two phenomena is not that they are full of mysteries. One neurosurgeon with astrophysics reveals that the brain and the universe also show great similarities in terms of appearance.

Following the study conducted by astrophysicist Franco Vazza and neurosurgeon Alberto Feletti, who work at the University of Bologna in Italy, map of removed. The images obtained are that seemshe is the type who will struggle to understand if what you are going to see is the brain or the universe.

Here are the maps that show that similarity between the brain and the universe.

similarity between the universe and the brain

Above are two very similar images. Both of these images are as if neural networks in the brain they don’t seem to show however, this is not the case. One of the images above shows the structure of the human brain and the other shows the map of the universe. So what is the brain and which do you say the universe?


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There are huge structural differences between the brain and the universe. However, when it comes to similarities, it’s also enough Impressive results emerge. For example in a human brain 69 billion there are neurons around. If up to the last point in the universe that can be observed 100 billion known to have galaxies around. However, the similarities are not limited to these. For example, neurons in the brain are somehow connected to each other. Likewise, galaxies in the universe connected they are. The breaking of ties and the deterioration of balance is important enough for both cases. to the troubled consequences the kind he would carry.

Image of the brain in space

The interconnection of brain neurons is a difference between these neurons. Contact reveals that it is. Research conducted here explains the existence of similar communication in the galaxies of the universe. Even more interesting, the communication between neurons in the brain is that the total mass of the neuron and the energy content 25 percent until. We know you’ll be a little more surprised, but the amount of communication between galaxies is also 25 percent of the system’s mass and energy content.


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The similarities between the brain and the universe are not limited to these. For example your brain 77 percent consists of water. In 72 percent of the universe dark energy there is. Although both phenomena have completely different structures, the fact that the rates are so close is enough to understand how great the similarity is between the brain and the universe.

Here is another photo that shows the similarity of images between the brain and the universe.

Similarity of the brain and the universe in terms of appearance

There is a huge difference in size between the brain and the universe. Therefore, the scientists studied brain tissue and the map of the universe. in different speeds they tried to scale and put the two together. As a result of the work done, the photo you see above emerged. When you look at this photo, it appears that the image on the right shows neural networks in the brain. However, the opposite is true. Left image of the photo above brain tissue, the image on the right shows the links between galaxies in the universe.

Finally, in the visual we shared at the beginning of our news, we show you which image belongs to the brain and which belongs to the universe. we asked. The red image on the left side of that image, which was extremely similar to each other, represented the brain and the more purple image on the right represented the universe. So when we looked at that picture and asked our question, did you get the right answer? Six “Comments“We are waiting for the part …


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