Spectacular attack on the Milleis bank near the Champs-Elysées


The owners of the surrounding boutiques were shocked – they did not notice. Image: AP / AP

Spectacular robbery in Paris: 3 men loot a luxurious bank – and no one notices it

Spectacular bank robbery near the shopping avenue of the Champs-Elysées in Paris: a group of three men stormed the branch of the Milleis luxury financial institute Tuesday morning.

The men took clerks and employees for hours as hostages, and then filled up with an unprecedented loot, as he was called by the police circles in Paris. A large contingent of security forces could not prevent the escape of gun-armed criminals.

Raid with rapture

Men armed with small arms immediately after opening at 7:30 clock penetrated about 650 meters from the remote bank of the presidential palace. They handcuffed the employees and sprayed them with a mysterious liquid that could not be determined at first.

It is said that Bank Milleis has extremely rich customers. Image: AP / AP

Then the men broke about 30 security boxes and disappeared until noon without leaving a trace from the bank, which is said to have very wealthy customers. During the robbery, the thieves hung a sign on the door, after which the bank was closed, said Eddy Sid, a spokesman for a police union, the BFM television station. After the thieves had done their job, they left their fate bound to the hostages. The employees were able to free themselves.

The robbery caused a sensation on the splendid walk in the center of Paris. In the afternoon half a dozen police cars stood in front of the bank.

The employees of the surrounding shops – including many luxury boutiques and expensive restaurants – were shocked. "We did not hear anything, I did not see anything, it was not until the security forces arrived that we knew what was going on," said Pierre, who works as a salesman in a shop opposite the bank. "We were told to stay in the store, which took two hours and reopened". (Sda / afp)

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