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Special winter cryptocurrency: two at HODL and one at FODL

This week offers another opportunity for a HODL analysis against FODL cryptocurrency. Having just passed Black Friday, this is the perfect opportunity to go shopping.

Cryptocurrency The winter is here

BTC 00 having fallen more than 30% in the previous week has brought with it many lower cryptocurrencies. However, cheaper cryptocurrencies are offered with a lower BTC. This week two cryptocurrencies are highlighted as HODL: DOCK and VET. With DOCK it is probable that the most significant gains of those on this list will be short-term. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Gold is highlighted as FODL of the week.

As the cryptocurrency market progresses until 2018, it is important to distinguish which cryptocurrencies are HODL (acquisition targets) versus FODL (possible sales).

The previous months saw niche market cryptocurrencies traded on the main stock exchanges. This week 2 HODLS are highlighted: a small capitalization cryptocurrency and a larger cap both in their respective niche market.

DOCK is one of the smallest market cap cryptocurrencies on Binance that provides platform users with the ownership of their data. The IFP is one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies for market capitalization, specializing in supply chain management.

Both of these coins represent the HODL of the week. DOCK with a market capitalization a fraction of the IFP will probably publish higher returns than the IFP. The IFP is the "safest" game. while DOCK is more 'high risk, high reward'.

Bitcoin Gold represents the FODL of the week. BTG is a Bitcoin hardfork, which allows GPU miners to "extract" the BTG fork instead of the ASICs used to extract BTC. The ability to extract GPUs is the main advantage of BTG, although this is not sufficient to keep it relevant in the cryptographic space.

When analyzing cryptocurrencies, it is important to determine whether they are acquisition targets (HODL) or whether they are relatively irrelevant in space (FODL).

DOCK would be the cryptocurrency for those who want a potential currency with a higher, very high risk. The IFP is a much lower risk, given its substantial list of partnerships, but it is likely to return a lower percentage based on its market capitalization. The BTG seems to vanish in irrelevance because their sole purpose is the GPU extraction of a Bitcoin fork.


DOCK 00 it landed on the HODL radar for a plethora of reasons. With a market capitalization of $ 5.5 million, DOCK has one of the lowest market limits on Binance. DOCK was added to Binance at the end of July during the bear market. It's almost as if the public had not even noticed it.

When DOCK was added to Binance, the price rose to over $ 0.07. With the price currently poised around $ 0.01 which is a correction of 86% from July 30, 2018. After correcting such an astronomical amount in the last two months, DOCK seems to be ready for a breakout.

What makes DOCK qualified as a niche currency among many cryptocurrencies is what represents their platform. DOCK gives individuals the ownership of their data, specifically rewarding them in DOCK. This allows the user to connect multiple social media accounts through a portal while securely storing their personal data in the cloud. The information you want to share from the cloud will be rewarded based on what it is.

Currently, we provide free Internet data to many companies simply by browsing. Why not get paid for the same data?

The advantages of the DOCK platform are not just for the user. Yes, it's easier to access all your social media accounts via a single platform. Yes, save time to be able to choose which aspect of your data can be seen by the public who wants to pay for it. However, the benefits are far greater than you can imagine.

Advertisers can customize ads for their consumers without wasting money on unprepared demographic data. Users will not be bombarded by ads unrelated to their lives. Time and money are saved on all sides with users of the platform receiving the greatest benefits.

DOCK is an ERC-20 token that has found ways to pay users for previously shared data. It is essential to be able to protect your private information in the cloud, DOCK not only protects it, but also allows you to profit from it. If there was a high risk, high-yielding cryptocurrency to accumulate before the bull's run, DOCK is one of the best contenders!

This week's market correction forced DOCK to lose another 30% by positioning it perfectly for a rebound and the most important cryptocurrency this week.

VeChain (VET)

VeChain (VET) 00 It is one of the largest cryptocurrencies that has established itself as a "niche" specialist.

The IFP specializes in supply chain management and for most of 2018 had a market capitalization of over one billion. Unfortunately, the IFP was corrected with the rest of the cryptocurrency space and fell to 20th place on CMC with an impressive list of partnerships.

Partnerships and platforms give long-term relevance. VET has an impressive platform and a more impressive list of partners: DNV (specialized in auditing), PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Big 4 Accounting Firm), National Research Consulting (Fortune 1000 company), Chinese Government (Gui & # 39; an New Economic Area), Republic of Cyprus and BMW. The IFP has aligned itself with major producers, governments and companies to ensure that the world can exploit blockchain stock management technology.

Even with a list of industry-dominant partners, the IFP continued to slide down into the list of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market. VET is # 20 while BTG is # 19. The IFP has a bigger community, better partnerships and a more niche platform than most cryptocurrencies, especially in the Top 20. Of the cryptocurrencies that make up the Top 20, the # 39; IFP seems more ready for a break when the price of BTC stabilizes.

A niche market, a partnership that would make the Fortune 500 companies jealous, at the cutting edge of technology and a market that has just decreased by 70%, make VET a very interesting cryptocurrency. Will yields be as high as DOCK's? It is unlikely. The IFP will probably remain a Top 20 Cryptocurrency for years to come while DOCK could fade into oblivion following a big upward rush.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

It's never fun to discuss cryptocurrencies that you should FODL, but this week is Bitcoin Gold (BTG).

BTG 00 it exists because the miners of the BTC network wanted to use GPU rather than ASIC. BTC went through a hard fork (similar to the one they experimented with Bitcoin Cash) resulting in BTG, allowing the extraction of GPUs.

However, the cryptocurrency space already has thousands of coins and the possibility of extracting a BTC knockoff using GPU is not a fairly important reason for the BTG.

Anyone with the miners of the GPU could extract the highest paid GPU currency, sell the underlying currency for BTC and voila! Problem solved.

The miner is, in essence, extracting the true BTC by extracting an altcoin and making it sell to the user for BTC. It is not necessary to extract the BTG directly instead of a higher paying altcoin and then sell the altcoin for the actual BTC.

Recently people have been discussing how Bitcoin has no value because it is infinitely replicable. But this is not true.

Even designer handbags are replicable to infinity, but every bag that is not "authentic" is false, a replica and their value is subsequently influenced. BTG is not BTC regardless of similarities. The mining BTG that uses GPU offers the same advantage as extracting any other cryptocurrency using GPUs. The BTG has no real purpose and is another of the many unnecessary BTC forks.


With a market capitalization of over $ 250 million, BTG constitutes point n. 19 on CMC. This is surprising as it is a point in front of the IFP. BTG has no long-term profitability and minimum partnerships with respect to the IFP.

The solutions exist for my use of GPUs and gains also in BTC. There is no reason why BTG should be the one & # 39; solution & # 39; which leads to a market capitalization higher than that of VET.

The verdict

Cryptocurrencies that focus on niche markets that need a blockchain solution are those that are most likely to survive. Those who have collaborations with thriving Fortune 500 companies are tomorrow's blockchains. The smallest and least known are the cryptocurrencies that could pull out the next 20-100x.

DOCK is the cryptocurrency of this list that has a real potential 'moon'. If DOCK's market capitalization rivals that of VET, it means that DOCK HODLers will enjoy a 50x (comparing market capitalisations). The smallest cryptocurrencies with market capitalization are those that have the ability to penetrate the Top 20 despite having a huge increase in market capitalization.

Verdict: HODL

The IFP is perfect for those who enjoy low-risk cryptocurrencies but want to stay well diversified in unique blockchain niches. Having a market capitalization of more than $ 250 million in VET already has the potential to deliver significant returns. While the IFP continues to collaborate with companies, many are familiar with the expectation that the price will start to appreciate with the market change.

Verdict: HODL

BTG is a cryptocurrency that maintains a Top 20 position among all cryptocurrencies when it is quite irrelevant. The advantages offered by BTG are minimal and those wishing to extract BTC using GPU can extract a more profitable alternative and sell it for BTC.

Verdict: FODL

[Disclaimer: This views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of Bitcoinist and should not be taken as financial advice.]

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