Sparse earnings bring relief after the mid-week crash, but many live continue to see losses

Friday 7 September: After the midweek blood bath, cryptographic markets have stabilized slightly today, although many coins continue to lose value, as shown by the Coin360 data.

  Market Display by Coin360

Market Display by Coin360

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at around $ 6,430 at the time of printing, down below just 1% of the day, according to the # 39. Cointelegraph bitcoin price index.

Despite a bullish start to September, the fall in Bitcoin prices is set for Wednesday, September 5. Since then, the major cryptocurrency has fallen from a maximum of $ 7.391 to over $ 1,000 less at its intraday low today at $ 6,354.

The currency is now net of 16 percent on its weekly chart. In the month, Bitcoin is still growing by around 7.3 percent.

 Bitcoin & # 39; s 7-day price table

Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Cointelegraph bitcoin price index

Ethereum (ETH) has plummeted to around $ 216 at the time of printing, losing just over 3 percent of the day. As with Bitcoin, Ethereum started in September strong, briefly touching the price of $ 300 on September 1 before the collapse in prices this week.

On the weekly chart, Ethereum is down by just over 23%, with monthly losses around 46%.

  7-day price chart "src =" "title =" Ethereum 7-day price chart "/> </p>
<p dir= Ethereum 7-Day Price Chart Source: Cointelegraph & # 39; s Ethereum Price Index

Among the other top ten coins on CoinMarketCap, only three are in the green, although losses are limited to below 3 percent. Ethereum, the money in Bitcoin (BCH) is down, seen 2.77 percent Losses in the day to trade at just under $ 500.

Stellar (XLM) is the only crypt top ten to see solid growth, up 4% on the day to trade around $ 0.207, at nearly $ 0.24, XLM-BTC saw a solid return to its trading l evels before the market crash mid-week on September 5

 Stellar & # 39; s 7-day price chart

Stellar 7-day price chart from CoinMarketCap [19659004] Among the first twenty coins, all but two goods see reds and greens mixed in the 1%, showing the coins are still in the last 24 hours at the time of printing.

Dash (DASH), in 12th place by market capitalization, rose nearly 6.46% on the day to trade around $ 185.56, although it is still trading nearly 16% less than its value ($ 220.50) during the first trading hours of September 5 [19659019] The 7-day Dash Price Chart by CoinMarketCap

The other exception among the top twenty coins is Dogecoin (DOGE), 20th ranked , which rises about 6% on the day, closing a week of extraordinary price volatility.

  Dogecoin's 7-day price chart "src =" "title =" Dogecoin's 7-day price chart "/> [19659022] Dogecoin's 7-Day Price Chart by CoinMarketCap </em></p>
<p>  The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is about $ 203.5 billion at the time of printing, down more than $ 35 billion from its highest intraweek of about $ 240 billion </p>
<p dir=  7-day market chart of total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies

7-day chart of total market capitalization of all Cryptocurrencies of CoinMarketCap

Even if markets fall, fresh data of the GreySpark management and technology consulting firm found that volumes on crypto markets grew in 2018, with the US dollar being the most actively traded against cryptocurrencies.

Responding to the turbulent This week's market movements, encrypted Twitter has actively ruminated the possible correlation of impact and around reports that Goldman Sachs was restoring plans to open an encryption desk. The CFO of the banking giant refuted the rumors in a statement of 6 September, calling them "false news" and stating that the company's plans were in line.

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