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Rum raisin. Even nine days after the accident in Malaga, in the south of Spain, the whole country is worried about the two-year-old child Julen, the child he should play on Sunday in a depth of 110 meters fountainbay has collapsed.

It is still unclear whether the boy can be saved alive.

We report in the News Blog on the current developments of the drama in Spain.

Rescue of Julen: interruptions prevent tunneling

Wednesday, January 23rd


The fate of little Julen brings many people all over the world.


So far, 300 helpers have worked day and night to help Julen penetrate. According to a first report by the emergency response spokesperson, Ángel García Vidal, 40,000 tons of material were drilled during drilling. "Under normal circumstances, such an action would take months," he stressed.

14.30 pm:

How complicated is the use of miners in the vertical tunnel?

Miners want to be lowered with a special capsule with a crane in the parallel shaft. From their bottom, they should dig a four-meter horizontal tunnel with pegs and pneumatic hammers to close Julen to move forward. There are extreme conditions for miners there. It is tight and free of light and oxygen, wrote the newspaper "La Vanguardia".

14.08 clock:

Before the miners use them for Julen rescuers are worried: there is a big risk because of the complexity of the descent. An emergency team is in service with respiratory protection equipment. "But we have everything in the event of an accident," says Rafael Gálvez, head of the emergency paramedic.


Julián Moreno, head of firefighters who Julen the rescue spoke at noon for local media. "We hope to get to Julen as soon as possible." Rescuers were the first to arrive in the place where, ten days ago Julen had fallen "And soon I'll tell you the extent of the problem", says Moreno, adding: "There are no precedents, no one expected such a thing".


The parallel well, above which rescuers for the two years Julen I want to arrive, it is obviously the collapse vulnerable.

Rescue measures continue to be delayed. Julen ten days ago he had fallen into a well while he was playing.


Because of the limited space, according to the authorities, only two workers at a time are lowered into the parallel tree, which is 80 meters deep, with a special capsule attached to a crane.

The helpers hope for the two-year-old boy above the rescue well Julen arrive The connection will be only one meter wide and 1.20 meters high, so that rescuers have to work lying down or kneeling to the fullest.


The helpers who are the smallest Julen they want to save, they are facing new big challenges. A tree parallel to the shaft of the well, in which the child should have fallen, must be widened. This should take up to 24 hours, work should start today.


child in fountain fallen: the most important information soon:

  • Julen, a two-year-old boy, has fallen into Spain in a 110-meter-deep well
  • Rescuers are feverishly searching for the baby
  • The helpers always encounter new problems with rescue work
  • Julen had suddenly disappeared on a family trip
  • Meanwhile, the judiciary determines how it could get to the accident
  • The child's parents have already lost a child
  • Little Julen's hair was found in the fountain
  • Engineers are trying to install a rescue tunnel
  • He always returns to difficulties
  • Rescuers are digging manually now: the helpers have to climb into the well
  • Wednesdays should start work on the parallel shaft: this should take up to 24 hours



The rescue action is becoming more dramatic. "We are working tirelessly," says Ángel García, one of the engineers who helps save the two-year-old Julen from the Spanish daily El Mundo.

Julen had fallen into a well ten days ago. Rescuers, meanwhile, always encounter new obstacles.

12.07 clock:

The question of how this could happen, that of the two-year-old child Julen Roselló fell into the pit 110 meters deep is still unclear.

A Spanish court has now opened a preliminary investigation. On January 13, the child fell into the well. Rescue teams continue to work feverishly to finally find the child in the well.


Workers worked all night on the inner walls of the vertical tunnel, which is to lead to the place where Julen Roselló is located. At six in the morning they had finished with that. According to "El Pais" the miners should descend into a metal structure and work about 60 meters underground. It is expected that they will start today.


In the rescue of Julen there were new delays. On Tuesday, technicians had to eliminate disturbances in the tunnel, making a tunnel shell impossible. The vertical tunnel parallel to the borehole, in Julen has been crashed, drilled back to 60 meters to eliminate these disorders. The Spanish newspaper "El Pais" reports it. The newspaper writes about the "bargain of final arrest" faced by the technicians.

In the current situation, the forces can not estimate how much time is left until rescuers will be able to go down to dig the horizontal tunnel to the well where Julen is suspected

Tuesday, January 22nd


Fight against rocks, fight against time: despite the diminished chances of survival, the Spanish forces desperately have Tuesday, a road to the blocked child Julen paved. After the completion of a rescue well, which runs parallel to the pit pit, the men hoped to finally reach the two-year-old boy during Wednesday. This is the tenth day after the last sign of life.

Many experts have not given up hope that the baby can be saved alive. You are moving "in record time" and you only need a "last effort to get out of there, Julen," said Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska before the journalists. The delegate of the central government in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, stressed that a similar emergency has never existed "in the whole world". By Wednesday you will recover the child. He hopes in "a happy ending".

The miners, who had been specially sent from the northern region of Asturian coal, had to dig the last piece, the horizontal tunnel, with muscle energy. Force and spokesman Ángel García Vidal said they would fight with picks and blades, probably with small explosions and hammer hammers through the rock. The road construction technician expects a total of 20-24 hours for this job.

Because of the limited space, according to the authorities, only two workers at a time are lowered into the parallel tree, which is 80 meters deep, using a special capsule attached to a crane. The connection will be only 1.00 meters wide and 1.20 meters high, so the "miners" will have to lie down or kneel at best.

Previously, however, the walls of the vertical escape hole had to be fixed and stabilized with metal pipes to prevent landslides and to ensure workers' safety. However, rescuers have encountered new problems on Tuesday. It was necessary to drill the vertical shaft in its initially wider bottom, the newspaper "El País" reported, quoting the helpers on the spot. How long it would take was not clear at the time.


For nine days, the rescuers of the Malaga of Spain have done everything possible, the small one Julen (2) from one good tree to recover. Now the rescue is at the crucial stage.

After drilling a parallel well in the late evening on Monday, the miners wanted to start manually digging a four-meter tunnel Tuesday at noon. So they want to go horizontally to the point where the child is suspected, as reported by the Spanish media, citing the forces of Totalán near the Andalusian Málaga.

Rescuers want to drill the manhole

How long they will need has not been clear. Experts feared that it would take another 24 hours to fight the rock. They have to make their way, among other things, with plectrums and pneumatic hammers. However, due to limited space, only two workers at a time can be lowered into the 80-meter-long parallel shaft with a special capsule attached to a crane, as the newspaper La Vanguardia wrote.

Previously, however, the walls of the vertical escape hole had to be fixed and stabilized with metal pipes to prevent landslides and to ensure workers' safety. However, rescuers have encountered new problems on Tuesday. It was necessary to drill the vertical shaft at its initially widest part, a Spanish journalist said on the spot. How long it would take was not predictable.

The tree in the Julen fallen on January 13 during a trip with his parents, it is 107 feet deep, but only has a diameter of 25-30 centimeters. According to media reports, he had been bored illegally in search of water.

I hope to find the child in depth

Rescuers hope to find the child at a depth of 70-80 meters. When a camera was taken, a bag of sweets was discovered in the well at a depth of 70 meters that Julen had with him. The loose earth, however, prevented a deeper penetration of the camera. The sign of the child's life does not exist.

During the drilling of the parallel shaft, a platform for stabilizing the drill rig at a depth of about 20 meters was installed. To reach the expected depth of 80 meters, another 60 meters had been drilled into the extremely hard rock until Monday evening in a laborious 55-hour job.

If Julen is still alive it is not clear

It was not clear whether the child was still alive, but the chances of a happy ending to the tragic calamity diminished every minute that passed. However, experts have repeatedly pointed out that it is not entirely out of the question that Julen could still live.


The father of the lost boy thanked all the helpers on Wednesday, who looking for the untiring two yearsNumerous rescuers, especially firefighters, are constantly on duty the child in the well 25 cm wide José Roselló told reporters. He also thanked the psychologists who cared for relatives.

The market vendor of the unemployed seemed to have been caught – on Tuesday, while he cried, he insulted the authorities for not providing sufficient funds to save little Julen. He and his wife Victoria were "devastated," his father said. But they did not give up hope that Julen would be saved in life.

Father tells of the sad fate of Julen's brother

The couple had already been hit hard by fate in May 2017: during a walk on the beach, Julen's older brother, Oliver (3), died of heart failure. "We have an angel who will help us so that my son will get out of there as soon as possible," said the man.

It is said that Julen fell on Sunday during a trip with his family in the municipality of Totalán, in the province of Malaga, in the pit. When photographing the camera, a bag of sweets, probably illegally laid, was found in the bay, which the boy had brought with him. However, initially the loose earth prevented the attempt to penetrate more deeply with the camera. The hair has now been found that, according to the Spanish authorities, come from the boy.


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Rescuers find the boy's hair

Wednesday 16 January, 10.28:

The helpers tirelessly tried to track down the little Julen in the small conduit only 25 centimeters in diameter, Spanish television reported Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, "biological remains" were found in it, wrote the newspaper "El País", citing the police. It's about hair, a local Spanish political media said. It is believed that they come from the missing child, laboratory tests should now bring certainty. If Julen is still alive, he is still unknown.

It is said that the child fell on a Sunday during a trip with his family in the municipality of Totalán, in the province of Malaga, in the pit. When a camera was taken, a bag of sweets was discovered in the bag that the boy had with him. However, the loose earth prevented it before penetrating deeper with the camera.

Rescuers were busy digging two tunnels that would lead directly to the end of the well. The work will probably not be completed before Thursday evening, he said.

Tuesday, January 15th

The two-year-old boy in Spain has fallen into the fountain

We must maintain hope for a good exit, wrote Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Sunday evening on Twitter. Meanwhile, over 100 firefighters, police, civil defense and other emergency services continued their night searching in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Totalán, in the province of Málaga.

There is no news, said the incident service on Twitter on Monday. For the moment, Julen was still alive.

The boy fell on a family trip in the deep bay

The child is said to have fallen Sunday afternoon on a trip from his family to the country in the bay. A police spokesman said, on request, that "there was still no physical evidence" that the child was actually in the hole. But suppose.

The family should have heard the baby cry in the duct

The family said they heard Julen cry inside the well. The old playmates had left before the alleged fall, the stones that covered the opening, said the RTVE TV station, citing the parents.

Schacht has only a diameter of about 25 centimeters

The research was also difficult because the tree has a diameter of about 25 centimeters, the journalists of the paramilitary police spokesman Guardia Civil, Manuel Molto said. With a camera you penetrated a depth of almost 80 meters and found a bag of sweets that Julen had with them, the rescue teams said.

Humidity and cold have made research difficult

Because the earth has loosened, which clogs the tree, you can not go on with the camera, they said. Moisture and cold made the research even more difficult on Monday, said the spokesman for the Spanish Ministry of Interior in Andalusia, María Gámez. Consider the possibility of digging a parallel well to find the boy. (Mb / pen / dpa)

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