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Spain: Boy (2) falls into the well: no sign of life – difficult search – human interest

Find the one in one 107 meters deep well lost baby in Spain it is becoming more dramatic. Julen, who is two years old, has been missing for four days: the rescue teams are running against the clock. Still there is some child no
signs of life,

the Construction of two tunnels, which must lead directly to the end of the well, where it is suspected that the baby is late. Road engineer Angel García Vidal admitted Thursday to the Totalán incident site in the Spanish province of Malaga, "we have encountered enormous difficulties".

During filming, a camera was in the well at a depth of almost 75 meters Bag of uncovered sweetsthat Julen had with her. However, the loose earth prevented further invasion with the camera.

The boy crashed into the fountain – the most important thing in short:

  • A two year old boy has fallen into a 107 meter deep well in Spain
  • Rescuers desperately search for the child
  • He had disappeared during a family trip
  • The helpers have already found the boy's hair in the duct
  • Parents continue to believe their son has been found
  • Specialists build rescue tunnel
  • Parents have already lost a child
  • Tunneling is late
  • There are "enormous difficulties"

Also, there's the risk that the pit will collapse if it gets shaken by the tunnel work, they say. The terrain consists partly of slate and hard rock and is also very unstable. Above all, this had thrown away plans for the construction of a horizontal tunnel from a slope.

The child had disappeared during a family trip.

Since the work to prepare the complicated hilly terrain had taken longer than expected, it was not started Thursday at the ditch, reported the newspaper "El País", citing the spokesman of the rescue teams.

Several experts interviewed by the media said that the child's recovery is "a matter of days, not hours". There were no official announcements on Thursday.

The completion of the tunnel is expected

"It will take at least two, three, four days," said the spokesman for the Association of Mining Engineers in Malaga, Juan López Escobar, the Europa Press news agency. Significant problems have arisen in the construction of the horizontal tunnel, so that hopes were placed above all on the tunnel to be excavated parallel to the tree.

On Wednesday it was still said, at least one of the two tunnels could be finished by Thursday evening.

Despite the setbacks, parents continue to believe in the safety of their child. The loss of the child would not be the first serious fatal blow for the two. The elder brother of the missing child died suddenly of heart failure in 2017 at the age of three.

Policemen, firemen and civil defense officials are involved in the search for little Julen. A robot is also used. A Swedish rescue team helps with one radarat one cavity track down where the boy could be.

Hair found in the well

Meanwhile, be in the well Found "biological remains" the newspaper El País wrote, citing the police. It is about hairsaid a local Spanish political media.

It is assumed that they come from the missing child, laboratory tests must bring certainty.

So far, rescuers, according to a police spokesman, do not yet have the definitive proof that the two-year-old has actually fallen into the well. The family has declared, I heard Julen's cry in the bay.

Parents complained about the lack of support

Julen's father thanked the emergency services on Wednesday. Numerous rescuers, in particular firefighters, are constantly in action to find the child in the well 25 cm wide, said Josel Roselló in front of journalists. He also thanked the psychologists who take care of relatives.

The unemployed market dealer seemed to have been reached mid-Wednesday – after insulting the authorities on Tuesday for crying, not enough funds to Saving the little Julen to provide. He and his wife Victoria were "devastated", the father said. But they did not give up hope that Julen would be saved in life.

A Google Maps map shows where Totalán is located in Spain.

Father: I heard it cry

Furthermore, based on the information provided by parents, other possibilities – such as the fact that it was dropped and lost – have been excluded for the time being.

"I jumped on the opening and he was not there anymore … I heard crying, but I did not hear it soon," said the boy's father.

Bay only about 25 to 30 inches wide

The boy is said to have fallen into the open hole while playing with other children. An aunt had seen the fall from a distance and asked loudly for help, reported the newspaper "La Vanguardia" and other media.

A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil police explained why the search is so difficult: the shaft of the well has only one Diameter of about 25 centimetersOn Monday, with a robotic camera, they had penetrated a depth of almost 80 meters.

There was a bag of sweets that Julen wore. As the earth has broken off and blocks the tree, the camera has not been able to move forward, the rescue teams said.

The tree, which was excavated only a few weeks ago in the search for water, was a total of 107 meters deep, he said. It is approximately the same height as a 30-story building.

Force digging tunnel for rescue

Also the cold and the humidity have initially made it difficult to search near the hill of Cerro de la Corona, 352 meters high, about 15 kilometers northeast of the coastal city of Malaga, explained María Gámez of the Ministry of the Interior Spanish.

After examining whether a well parallel to the well would have allowed the recovery, the local experts decided on Tuesday to take advantage of the slope of the land and a slope of a horizontal plane, about Tunnel 50-80 meters long dig, which is to lead directly to the end of the well, where Julen is suspected.

Parents have already lost a child

Then you want it again robotic camera use to find Julen. "This is the safest and fastest method," said Gámez. An expert told on television that the construction of a tunnel of this type would take two or three days and only if there were no problems.

The Spaniards hope that the child survives longer thanks to a bubble, "With every passing minute, the hopes are shrinking," commented the ABC newspaper. (Dpa / moi)

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