Space News: Asteroid 2020 UL3 on its way to Earth, along with 99942 Apophis


An asteroid is racing towards Earth’s orbit at an incredible speed of 11.20 kilometers per second.

The space rock is officially known as ‘2020 UL3’ and is estimated to be 53 to 130m in size, larger than the Sydney Opera House.

UL3 is an Apollo asteroid according to NASA, which is an asteroid that passes through Earth’s orbit as it passes through space.

NASA also claims that it is a Near Earth Object (NEO) describing objects (asteroids and comets) powered by the gravitational pull of nearby planets.

An object must be within 1.3 astronomical units to be classified as NEO.

There is a good chance that UL3 will come even closer in a few years. Sky Live reports November 14, 2089, will whiz past the Earth within 250,961 kilometers.

Don’t panic

The good news is that you don’t need to lose sleep worrying about being blown away by an asteroid. The only impact it could have is a slight change in weather systems.

The asteroid Aphophis

Scientists also have their eyes on the asteroid Apophis which is getting faster and faster as it makes its way to Earth according to researchers from the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Astronomy.

Officially it is now under the Yarkovsky effect, which means that some parts of the asteroid are heating up faster than other parts.

“Before the detection of Yarkovsky’s acceleration on Apophis, astronomers had concluded that a potential impact with the Earth in 2068 was impossible. The detection of this effect acting on Apophis means that the 2068 impact scenario is still a possibility, “reports the University.

But Earth will first have a long-range date with the 330-meter-wide asteroid in 2029.

The impact of an asteroid with the Earth is one
The impact of an asteroid with the Earth is a “possibility” Credit: Anton Petrus/FILE | Getty Images


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