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Southern Cyprus moves from the United States! – Latest news

Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodulidis suggested that the US would soon eliminate the arms embargo against the country since 1987. Hristodulidis stressed that Washington saw the importance of improving the military capabilities of southern Cyprus. for regional security.

"This is evidence that the positive role that Cyprus will play as an important supporter of regional stability and security is supported by the US administration," said Christodulidis, who said the process began in the United States Congress on withdrawal of the embargo.

The United States and some countries of the European Union, Southern Cyprus and Greece in Egypt, Israel and Jordan have said they want to participate in the energy partnership with the countries that have said: "Personally in the Eastern Mediterranean, hydrocarbons for the European Community , coal and steel, I think it could be, "he said.

Washington and the European Union, the Government of Cyprus opposes activities of exploration of natural gas of Turkey Hristodulidis which indicates its full support, and were ready to negotiate a maritime border with Turkey.

Last month the Russian Foreign Ministry, "the United States, Cyprus in the preparation of military escorts against the effectiveness of Russia in the region", indicating that the warning of the Greek minister, ports and air bases in the their control of humanitarian purposes in many countries claimed they have opened up.

According to the US Geological Survey Institute, there are 122 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. However, studies carried out in search of Turkey, TRNC sees as a violation of sovereignty and oppose these studies.

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