Sources claim that the Central Bank is "studying" the Blockchain to decide "what can it take"

Noises on Indian media Monday, August 27, suggest that the country's central bank is intent on improving its understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain, presumably constituting a unit dedicated a month ago.

According to Economic Times, citing "people familiar with the central bank's plans," the unit focuses on the "research" of the phenomena, "to check what can be adopted and what can not".

Reports arrive while cryptocurrency remains taboo for Indian banks after the Reserve Bank of India (

Despite a slight tinge set to allow cryptographic tokens (but not cryptocurrencies themselves), the official approval of Bitcoin and its peers remain deficient.

According to anonymous sources, however, there may be signs that this prospect is about to change.

"As a regulator, the RBI must also explore new emerging areas to see what can be adopted and what no, "Economic Tim quotes them saying:

" A central bank must be at the top to create regulations.This new unit is on an experimental basis and will evolve with the passage of time. "

L & # 39; India would have further echoed the current sentiment in Iran by easing its position, the central bank of this last suggesting over the weekend to revise its current cryptocurrency ban, even in place since April, with a more favorable result.

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