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Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu, SUCCESS MESSAGE: I also helped Dragnea, without realizing it – Sources of news

Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu was unleashed after the RCC's decision on protocols. The Constitutional Court pronounced its decision on Wednesday on secret protocols, highlighting the existence of a conflict between MP and Parliament.

"Dragnea escaped from prison

Shortly after Dragnea was sentenced in the first instance in 3.6 years with execution, the sources began to show all sorts of rumors that Dragnea would give an amnesty and a pardon to escape the skin. One after the other, several PSD leaders went to various TV stations with the same message: all the abuses in justice, involving the imprisonment of a group of innocents, must be repaired through an OUG for amnesty and forgiveness. This campaign culminated with the release of Dragnea, who urgently required the GEO to do so.

In fact, Dragnea did not even intend to order such a rule for a single second, for the simple reason that the nearly 1,100 PSD leaders who filed in various stages in the offices and courts of prosecutors, so like those who expect to have problems with justice, once relieved of this enormous burden, they would have swept it off the front of the party like an embarrassing garbage in the middle of the living room. The promise of an amnesty, being in the best position to give it, still assures the head of the party, despite the enormous problems of image it causes.

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If the assets of the amnesty party were a promise, for our "strategic partners" (who, as is known, controls almost all the Romanian political class through the files of the securitized drawers) this was such a harsh threat that led them to come the mass of the negotiations. Following these negotiations, Dragnea has gained not only freedom but also support to remain at the top of the party, and Westerners still maintain total control over Romania.

The fact that a politician from Juncker commits the mourning of the Athenaeum, indicating the internal politics of Romania right on its territory, a bit of a few days later, and the wind of the clearing, shows how important it is to keep control over our country.

These messages also aimed to create a supreme argument for Dragnea in the face of the resources of the PSD.

– My brothers, I wanted, they did not leave the aliens.

For Westerners, Dragnea has become a hen from golden eggs. Their dream of destroying Romania's only political stability – the PSD – will become reality.

Finally, taking into account the enormous betrayal of Dragnea, the party's assets will no longer be mobilized in the two electoral campaigns this year. Many will opt for other parties (especially for Ponta), many will prefer to rest, no one will forbid, nobody will risk anything. Regardless of the candidate or candidates of the current coalition, the presidential final will be played between German and French players, both dominated by the heads that will play at both ends.

It was the last time I dealt with these subjects. In an attempt to show you what the amnesty means for Romania's independence and what it means to protect society, I have also helped Dragnea, without realizing it.

But without the arrogant horror of Juncker, I would not even have realized the nature of the game today, I would not have understood why the decision of the JRC with which the security protocols of 2009 are illegal, but not for all but only for Dragnea and about eight politicians ", writes Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu on Facebook.

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