Sony ships PS5 to first PS4 customer


Sony sent the PS5 to Joey Chiu, who was the first customer to have previously purchased the PS4 and PS4 Pro, with a note inside. With this post, Chiu became the first customer to own a PS5.

Sony’s new game console PS5It will be available on November 12 in the US and select countries. As the next generation console release date approaches, thousands of fans have started looking for ways to access the console from day one. At this point, who likes to surprise Sony managed to delight a fan. Waiting too long to launch PS4 in 2013, PS4 in 2016 PS4 ProThe first to receive Joey Chiu, PS5He was the first to own it.

This time he doesn’t take himself, instead direct Sony on the console box sent with a written note “Patience is a virtue, it’s for you“Was written.

Chiu was one of the millions of people who wanted to take PS4 in 2013 and enter this legendary world. For this, our friend, who finished first at the PS4 launch event in New York in November, was on stage for the console grand prize at the time. Chiu also made history as the first person to buy PS4 Pro.

This time the console went to Chiu

Sony, PS5 The consoles are mainly shipped with cargo, as the launch coincides with the period of the pandemic. Joey Chiu’s new game console was also shipped two days before the launch date. Chiu’s tweet, who shared the photo of the console SonyA 5-heart response came from the official Twitter account of.


Interesting statement from Sony: the dimensions of the PS5 were larger when first designed

Sony PlayStation 5 next-generation console, November 12 in the United States; On November 19 our country will be available in the international market, including.


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