Sony has just approved the PS4 game on Ethereum


Sony has just approved the PS4 game based on Ethereum 101
Plague Hunters Source: A screenshot of the video

Apparently, Plague Hunters, the blockchain-based video game, has been approved by the Japanese technology giant Sony and it will soon arrive on PlayStation 4, a video game console. This is Ethereum's first blockchain-based game that went through Sony's rigid approval process.

Plague Hunters, the sequel to his ancestor, the success of Plague Road, is developed by Arcade Distillery, a video game manufacturer based in New York. Arcade Distillery should release the game in the first quarter of 2019.

The teaser of the game:

The game will use the freemium model, so it will be free to play with the ability for players to purchase game items. For this reason, Plague Hunters will have an integrated peer-to-peer (P2P) market based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can use the marketplace to exchange their items with the full ownership of resources. Game resources will be non-fungible tokens, which you may know from CryptoKitties.

Although the market will be built on Ethereum's blockchain, Plague Hunter will not present blockchain-based gameplay. Instead, the gameplay was designed for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, a gaming console, with Arcade Distillery that explores the options for releasing the game for Xbox One and smartphones.

While the gameplay will be very similar to non-blockchain-based games, users in the Plague Hunter ecosystem will have full ownership of all the goods they receive, collect or buy, as the scarcity of game items will have demonstrable scarcity.

Basing a video game on the blockchain is a creative way to introduce new people to cryptocurrencies and to attract encrypt enthusiasts in blockchain games.

But Plague Hunter is not the only blockchain-based game to be released. In early November, the card game supported by Coinbase Gods Unchained released its gameplay trailer. The game – which was inspired by popular titles like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone – will also include blockchain-based assets, but the gameplay will take place on the creator, Fuel games server.

Gods Unchained will soon enter private beta to test the stress of the game, and in three months the open beta of the game will be released with the full launch that will come later.

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