Sony guarantees the continuity of Astro’s Playroom on PS5


Sony has published a post on the PlayStation Blog dedicated to Astro’s playroom, the platform game pre-installed on PS5 that features four different worlds that allow players to enjoy innovative gaming experiences thanks to the new and versatile features of the console’s DualSense wireless controller. The funny thing about the post is that it ends up quoting “Astro will be back soon with some news. Until then, have fun with your PS5“.

Astro, the protagonist of this game, is a little robot who became famous in the PS4 game The playroom, although it has also been seen in virtual reality games The Playroom VR Y Astro Bot Rescue Mission. What is now unknown whether the news that Sony mentions relates to additional content for Astro’s Playroom, a different new game, or some other kind of novelty.

Astro’s Playroom, recommended as the first game for PS5, is also a party full of references to the world of PlayStation, with more than 60 references to company insignia as God of War.

▪ Release date: 11/19/2020

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