Someone turned on the console of a tube TV from the 1980s


The youtuber “Maximum Firepower” had the brilliant idea of ​​connecting the youngest Xbox Series X on a TV from the 80s – the tube ones. For this, he had to use an adapter and the most curious, a VHS which receives the AV data from the adapter and takes the information through another cable to the TV, which is quite old.

Watch the video below:

In the video we can see that the game chosen for this experience was the soccer simulator FIFA. As you can imagine, the screen is full of noise and in low resolution, but it was fine!

Xbox Series X is cheaper in Brazil!

After the video game IPI reduction decree was published in the Federal Official Gazette, the new Xbox Series X | They arrive in the country at reduced prices.

So the Xbox Series X, with the highest processing power and disc player, will be launched at the suggested price of R $ 4,599.00 and the Xbox series S., which has all the advantages of the new generation in the smallest and most elegant console, will be launched at a suggested price of R $ 2,799.00.

In short, the S Series is R $ 200.00 more in account and the X Series has a reduction of R $ 400.00.

Where to buy the X / S Series at the best price

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