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Some breakout and breakout levels for altcoins.

There are some various unlock zones in view of many altcoins, bullish and bearish. Although the wider market continues to consolidate, but overcoins are showing some evidence leading to a higher move.


Personally I like NANO – as a transactional cryptocurrency. It's almost instantaneous as you can get and the taxes are close enough to 0. So it makes me crazy that this crypt is not rated higher than it is. A good part of the reason could be related to some legal problems concerning some members of the NANO core and the replacement cryptograil. That news has clearly not shown to influence the price of NANO as it has not moved or moved differently from the broader market. From the trading point of view, NANO is sitting just under his 0/8th Major Harmonic, which is the final level of support for NANO before the total price capitulation. But it is contained in that area of ​​value and has negotiated an extremely narrow range since November 15thth. Because we broke above the 0/8 keyth Major Harmonic at 0.0002621 but they can not hold, I'm waiting for a close above that level and closer to 0.0002938.


For 0x, the current arc acts as a source of some rigid resistance, so tracing a long work requires a little patience. I'm just trying to go a long way with ZRXBTC if we pass over that arc over time, but even when we get past 3/8th internal harmonic at 0,00008936. There continue to be some strong fundamental reasons why I like this cryptocurrency. The skill and the idea of ​​using blockchain technology to pay homage to the ownership of digital "resources" is something that will spread very soon in the gaming industry.

Litecoin (LTCUSD)

Litecoin has led a very strong and healthy rally from December 14thth January 8thth, collecting a nice + 86.15% before facing a pullback. The resistance he faced was the outside arc and a traction for the 45 degree angle – which is directly where he has traveled and stopped. Today is the first day Litecoin has moved away from that arch and is now completely outside of it. There was a good amount of sales pressure during the day, but this was regained. It is currently on the market very close to the opening of the day. In fact, I feel comfortable taking a long position because the "45 degree" angle is actually quite steep and every day moves a significant amount of higher price. In this style of market geometry, the act is a kind of "magnet": it represents the balance over time and in price, so the price naturally wants to be traded near that corner. The further you move away from it, the more violent you move back to that corner.

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