Social distance is really that effective


Proven efficiency of social distancing

By now we should all know the AHA rules: keep your distance, observe hygiene, and wear a daily mask. Researchers have now discovered how effective it is to keep distances and, moreover, social distances.

Physicists develop the model for prediction

Physicists at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster actually compute models that should predict the spread of pandemics. Then it is possible to examine various factors that can help policymakers decide for or against certain measures. In this case, they used their model to take a closer look at the efficiency of social distancing in the corona pandemic.

“People who practice social distances – who try to keep their distance from each other – can in principle be imagined as particles that repel each other because, for example, they have the same electrical charge,” explains the first author Michael te Vrugt at the online publication “Labor Praxis”. “So perhaps one can apply theories describing repulsive particles to people who keep their distance.”

The simulation showed that the number of infections decreases significantly due to social distance. The curve becomes much flatter when many people keep their distance. The researchers were also able to include superspreader events such as the carnival in Heinsberg or après ski in Ischgl in their simulation.

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