Soccer star has problems: Neymar Jr. banned from Twitch


Not even the gods of football are saved from the ban, because this is what happens to one of the most famous footballers in the world on the Twitch streaming platform.

Here Neymar Jr. shows his teammate Richarlison’s cell phone number in the camera.

  • Footballer Neymar Jr. has been banned from the Twitch streaming platform.

  • Neymar Jr. publishes his teammate’s cell phone number.

  • He plays “Counter-Strike” and “Call of Duty”.

  • How long the ban lasts is unknown.

Unbelievable but true: celebrities and even world stars are players too, and damn good ones too, as a Paris Saint-Germain player demonstrates. Neymar Jr. is not only one of the most dangerous strikers in the world, but also a damn good “Counter-Strike” player. The Brazilian demonstrates this every week on his Twitch channel. But tonight, the Brazilian’s Twitch channel was banned. It is unknown how long the football legend will no longer be able to stream.

There could be two reasons why Neymar Jr.’s channel was banned. Most likely: he called his compatriot and Brazilian national teammate, Richarlison, during the live stream. While this is not prohibited, Neymar Jr. held his smartphone in front of the camera. Above: Richarlison’s phone number, then bombarded with calls and messages.

Another possible reason for the national player’s ban on Twitch could be copyright infringement, as many streamers play background music that they don’t own the rights to. Recently, several streamers have been banned precisely because of such music.

With his notoriety, Neymar Jr. quickly attracted many spectators. And this even if the footballer doesn’t have much experience as a streamer. This means that such errors can easily occur. What is impressive is how good the Brazilian is at games like “Counter-Strike” or “Call of Duty”. The attacker not only has a good water target with his foot, but he also has a steady hand.

Whether it’s world chess champions, football gods, or famous actors or musicians, more and more stars are finding their way onto Twitch. The fact that there are now even bans on music rights shows that Twitch has become mainstream for better or for worse. Twitch will definitely not ban Neymar Jr. for a long time, the stars also have a celebrity bonus on Twitch.

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