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Apple unveiled three new Macs on Tuesday, all of which use the same processor. This means that the standout features are relatively small, we have received many requests for a little advice on how to buy.

Of course, buying advice is always very difficult. Ultimately, there are a lot of personal differences and preferences to consider, and of course, money also plays a role. Apple has introduced three Macs, all of which are low-end in terms of performance.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is actually a very attractive offering, the price / performance ratio is usually right here. If you need more than what a current Mac Mini can offer, in terms of RAM or connections, you should wait. Important: The main memory can no longer be expanded by itself.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13

The differences between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro at the lower end – those are the previous two-port models – have become extremely small. The main difference is actually the fan. The MacBook Air is fanless – nice and quiet, but it will also slow down quickly. The MacBook Pro offers a slightly brighter screen, larger battery, fan, and yes, even a touch bar. A relatively good rule of thumb should be: If you ventilate your Mac frequently, you should use the MacBook Pro 13.

Who should wait

As always, the first generations of products are difficult, but let’s ignore it for now. Need more than two connections or more 16GB RAM? So you can confidently wait. I think we will quickly see other solutions here, but tomorrow’s episode will deal with that.


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