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Six Insane Crypto market scenarios for 2019: ETH drops to $ 1, BTC rises to $ 200K, NASDAQ takes over and more

2017 was the year of spectacular rallies and 2018 marked a terrible market crash, and many are wondering what could make 2019 new.

At the end of 2018, ICOBox co-founder and managing partner, Daria Generalova, shared six of the craziest cryptic market scenarios that could occur this year. They seem far-fetched, but in the encrypted space you never know.

ICOBox said it firmly believes that 2019 will be a year of stagnation, a year in which the cryptographic market will undress and determine the direction of its development.

Nevertheless, they have put together six of the craziest and even sci-fi predictions for this year.

NASDAQ reports Binance for $ 1 billion

NASDAQ has already confirmed that it will launch a cryptographic platform in the first part of 2019.

The exchange is destined to become active as soon as the CFTC of the United States grants the required approval.

ICOBox says it is not so plausible that, after this, NASDAQ will try to acquire Binance and the agreement will benefit both parties.

Ten countries to launch their own encrypted

ICOBox says that US economic growth is coming to an end and the recession is behind the corner and will cause a currency meltdown.

To avoid this, small countries will try to digitize their money in the event of a global crisis.

ETH to go down to $ 1

Considering what ICOBox calls the "nuclear winter" of the market that led to a 70% decline in market capitalization, the collapse of all crypts and the transition from ICOs, ETH could lose more value and even the scenario of $ 1 is possible, they say.

Bitcoin, the only 50 crypto top to be mined

The global collapse in the crypto industry has caused a collapse in the mining sector, and ICOBox states that "in 2019 bitcoin will remain the only profitable currency to be extracted from the first 50 traced by CoinMarketCap".

The STOs carve for themselves a 10% share of the securities market

The stagnation of the crypto industry, the decline in the number of ICOs, the collapse of the criptos, the lack of legal regulation and more are making the market seek new avenues of development.

"All signals indicate that 2019 will become a year of STO (Security Token Offerings), which will replace the now obsolete ICO", shares ICOBox and continues to explain: "considering the growing interest of the major multinationals in security tokens (and our same interest in extraordinary and unlikely scenarios!), there is the possibility that STOs will let themselves trap 10% of the securities market ".

Central banks convert 20% of the reserves into BTC, the BTC to go up to $ 200,000

This is the latest crazy prediction that a new fall in the price of gold (like the one in 2008-2009, when the price of gold fell from more than $ 1,000 to $ 700. ounce) will force banks to find alternatives.

They will then convert 20% of their reserves into BTC and this will result in a price increase of $ 200,000 for BTC.

Check the original article on Coinspeaker to find out more details and explanations on all scenarios.

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