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Singapore Crypto Exchange, BiTrue Set to add XRP as the base currency

The XRP is more likely to have a huge volume coverage in the next year, because the umpteenth exchange of cryptocurrency is following in the footsteps of the Binance Cryptocurrency exchange. Excited, BitTrue, a Singapore-based digital goods exchange is all set to add pairs of XRP exchanges at the start of January 2019.

The tweet reads it as follows;

"We are happy to announce that we will be on board all #XRP trading pairs in the next two months! We are planning to add 5 pairs in the first week of 2019, so please give us a message about your most needed #XRP pair!"

Probably the user suggestions add Tron to be matched first

As soon as the announcement arrived on Twitter, the tweets followed the engagement of various crypto-enthusiasts. However, the trading pairs have not yet revealed, rather the platform has maintained an open option for everyone to suggest. However, it is exciting to browse the opinion of the member of the large XRP community, so few comments from users approaching XRP should be matched to fiat such as USD, YEN, EUR and encrypted including TRX, BTC and otherwise.

In addition to the suggestions, BiTrue calls the authorities of various altcoins to reach their altcoins with XRP on the BitTrue platform. In addition, following the comment posted by users who report that XRP must be matched with Tron, it is more likely that the platform will treat Tron as the first pair. As stated;

Halfway through reading all the comments (feeling loved), the most quoted is obviously $ TRX @Tronfoundation (apart from the fiat). 1st targeted pair of 2019: TRX / XRP? Agreed? @Curis_Wang

While the 2018 seems to be an overwhelming year for the main krypton players, it was quite nice for the underlying XRP and Ripple product. With the announcement of BitTrue and Binance, the XRP cryptocurrency will be more likely to influence and thrive in the cryptocurrency market in the next year.

So are you agreeing with this? Do you think XRP will have a wider exposure on the market? Let's discuss

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