Sing The Weeknd in Spanish with Maluma for the first time!


This year continues to surprise us and has now been in the world of music with the collaboration of Maluma next to The weekend to create the remix of “Hawaii”, in which the Canadian singer sang for the first time in Spanish, A complete madness!

After driving millions of people on the networks crazy with an Instagram post for a can cooperation, Maluma and The Weeknd revealed what this new project they were working on was all about and that is that the artists released a remix of the hit song “Hawaii”.

The publication on social networks was carried out by the two singers on their respective Instagram accounts and the photography generated reactions and comments of all kinds.

As expected, within minutes it became a trend on social networks and the whole world started talking about both artists.

And even though none of the singers revealed the details of the meeting at the time, it was rumored that the collaboration was for the song. Hawaii and said and done.

It is worth remembering that this theory arose from the fact that in the credits of the piece by the Colombian, released last July, by the name of The weekend in the “artist” section assigned by YouTube.

During this remix, Canadian singer, The Weeknd, can even be heard singing a few lines in Spanish after opening the remix by singing in his native language.

I’ve always admired The Weeknd, so it seems like a dream come true to have collaborated with him on “Hawaii remix,” Maluma said when he announced the collaboration.

The singer of hits like “Can’t Feel My Face”, “I Feel It Coming” and more recently “Blinding Lights”, has merged his seamless style with Maluma’s and the song flows while both artists maintain their musical identity intact.

Since launching in Hawaii, the song has become one of the most viral of the moment, hitting the top boxes on lists such as Billboard and also becoming the third most listened to Spotify song in the world.

So far Hawaii already has more than 400 million views on the YouTube platform and moreover, the rumors that have been unleashed after the scandal involving Neymar and his ex-girlfriend, have managed to get even more talk about this issue in the world . of football.

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The song was released yesterday and is still number one in YouTube platform trends and has had endless reactions from internet users and although the song has given a lot to talk about, everything seems to indicate that people are not entirely happy. of the song.

A Twitter user also shared a message in which he wrote “I listen to the remix of Hawaii with The Weekend” accompanied by a photo of an uncomfortable child.

While another user also criticized this new collaboration, stating that he claimed that Hawaii was the ugliest song of 2020 and now that “abomination” is out.

However, similarly there are people who have surrendered to this remix between the Colombian and Canadian artist.

Fuck everyone who didn’t like the Hawaii remix, I loved it, ”another Twitter user said.

It is worth mentioning that, as with the original “Hawaii” video, the remix video was made by the famous Dominican director Jessy Terrero, of Cinema Giants.

There is no doubt that The Weeknd’s incredible voice in Spanish and English, as well as the talent and pace of Maluma drives us crazy.

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