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Simplicity language to give Bitcoin intelligent contract capabilities similar to Ethereum

Simplicity, a combinatorial, typed and functional language for blockchain applications can declare that it enables Bitcoin Script language to manage more complex but reliable intelligent contracts.

Bitcoin Script Language is limited, for now

According to a new search for Blockstream on Simplicity – a blockchain application language – distributed mixed books pose a series of unique challenges that make traditional programming languages ​​unsuitable.

In addition, the Bitcoin Script language is limited to certain combinations of signature controls, hashock and timelock. For example, second-level solutions, such as the Lightning network, have been built on these primitives and, therefore, lack the expressiveness needed for more complicated smart contracts.

The document also mentions a recent update error of Ethereum's EVE (Ethereum Virtual Machince), caused by a disagreement of implementations on the results of a given calculation, with consequent loss of funds.

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Simplicity: complex Bitcoin Smart contracts

According to the research, Simplicity is able to provide the flexibility needed for a wide range of calculations, while at the same time allowing users to check the security, cost and safety of smart contracts.

Furthermore, the low-level programming language is also able to solve some previously requested compromises between reliability and expression.

At present, developers are able to build a complex but unreliable intelligent contract (think of the DAO) or are able to build a simple but reliable one. Therefore, Simplicity would make it easier to write complex intelligent contracts that are more reliable.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first project that aims to enable effective smart contracts for the Bitcoin network.

The potential solution has already attracted the attention of the Bitcoin Trace Mayer investor who said the Simplicity language "can help bring things to a whole new level".

You can consult the detailed technical report on Simplicity here.

In early May, Bitcoinist reported that the RSK project, which intends to build full functionality of Turing intelligent contract for Bitcoin. RSK has partnered with iExec to provide off-chain computing and enable dApps to access on-demand cloud computing resources.

What do you think of Simplicity's ability to enable complex smart contracts on the Bitcoin network? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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