Simple API for monitoring Bitcoin wallet addresses

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The blockchain environment is highly transactional and many usage patterns require knowing when events occur. These events could be similar to unconfirmed transactions spread across the network, price changes in the market and even changes in your cryptographic portfolio, among others. Rather than requiring the user to constantly poll your blockchain resources to keep track of all this information, you can use a webhooks service like Blockchain WebHooks. Read on and learn more about how this blockchain API works.

About Blockchain WebHooks

Blockchain WebHooks offers a dedicated and direct service that publishes all information about transactions in the Web URL you provide. Webhooks will be activated immediately after initial confirmation within the blockchain network for these transactions. For greater security, Blockchain WebHooks recommends the use of HTTPS callbacks in addition to ensuring the correct insertion of URL information. This webhooks service is the most reliable way to get all event notifications on specific blockchain addresses.

Diversified support

Regardless of whether you have private or public hosting nodes, you can rely on this webhooks service to provide instant alerts on any changes to the account. In addition to hosting and managing full node hosted blockchain networks in private, the system also allows you to customize webhooks to your liking. You can choose to activate or enable webhooks after more than six confirmations to add a double-shopping safeguard or various other customization options to get the most out of your webhooks.

Currently, the Blockchain Webhooks network supports BTnet testnet and livenet together with BTC and TBTC. The company plans to add support for all major blockchain networks, including the Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash network, all of which are under construction and should be launched shortly. The main goal is to help ensure that all bitcoin projects work as efficiently as possible. In addition, the platform is looking towards its community as it builds its API for suggestions on which coins to add and even improve some of its features.

How Blockchain WebHooks works

Webooks are a way in which applications communicate automatically with each other. This is how PayPal notifies your accounting request when a customer pays you. These automatic notifications will be sent whenever something new occurs in your account. If you use cryptographic portfolios or the blockchain system in general, it is important to appreciate the importance of webhooks, especially if you are interested in automatically transferring data from one address to another.

Blockchain WebHooks offers a JSON API system to create, view and test webhooks. There are many well-documented examples of how you can create your first webhook on this platform, including a free package to perform your initial tests. Once you have provided the URL of your wallet or bitcoin address, the app will automatically send messages or payload to that address whenever new changes occur.

Projects for the future

Blockchain Webhooks wants everyone to use their services with the lowest possible friction and difficulty, hence the availability of the free test plan with 100 webhooks, three requests per second and 100 requests at the time. The basic plan is $ 14.95 a month with 200 requests per hour and 500 webhooks with email support. Other important plans include Basic Plus ($ 29.95), Team ($ 49.95) and Production ($ 79.95). There is also an Enterprise package that offers an unlimited number of webhooks and requests per second and an hour.

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