Simona Halep’s cousin has scored and FCSB 2 is one point behind Steaua! What stars sent Gigi Becali to the 2nd team


  • League 1: Sepsi – Sibiu, Saturday, 17:00, Digi Sport 1

  • League 2: oilQuick, Friday, 19:00, Digi Sport 1

FCSB 2 came close to the “soldiers” of Daniel Oprița, who plays away at Metalul Buzău on Saturday. This is after 3-1 beating Progresul Spartac, the team that eliminated Rapid from the Romanian Cup.

No less than 6 players with games under the command of Toni Petrea were sent to play for the second team: Gabi Enache, Adrian Șut, Gabriel Simion, Răzvan Oaidă, Cristi Dumitru and Alexandru Buziuc.

Tand scored twice for Bogdan Vintilă’s side, and the 3-1 goal was scored by Dimciu Halep, Simona Halep’s cousin.

Watch the video with the aim of Dimciu Halep:

What kind of footballer is Dimciu Halep, cousin of Simona Halep, FCSB striker

Simona Halep’s cousin was acquired by FCSB this summer.

Dimciu Halep played for Farul last season. “Dimciu is a young player, a good footballer, who has potential. His contract with us has expired and that’s why he left for the FCSB.

I would have liked to speak to him sooner, but I couldn’t due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have limited ourselves to the bare minimum. So now all I have to do is wish him success in FCSB “Ciprian Marica, president of Farul, said in the summer about the player who measures 174 cm.

Halep he has since played nine games last season League 2. According to Transfermarkt, the share of Simona Halep’s cousin rises to 50,000 the euro.

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